10 unexpected side effects of royal jelly

10 unexpected side effects of royal jelly ;

10 Unexpected Side Effects Of Royal Jelly

royal jelly is a bee secretion , which is a mixture of water, vitamins, protein, sugar, some fat, minerals, amino acids and salt. It has many benefits and is used for hay fever, reduces liver disease, stomach ulcers, skin problems, fractures, menopause symptoms and asthma. It is also is used as anti agent and enhances immunity . Royal jelly has been used for centuries and also helps increase longevity and energizes the body. But in addition to the advantages of the Royal Bee it has many side effects, so many people are unaware of.

Side effects of royal jelly

Causes of eczema

Anyone who is allergic to bee stings should not take gelatin as it increases the chances of causing eczema if consumed regularly. You can have a stinging sensation and remember not to touch your body with bare hands, itching where as it could spread. Apply a cream or oil in areas where is itching with the help of cotton and gently dab it all. Do this twice a day and that will be fine soon.

Causes Eczema

causes dizziness

Have royal jelly in large adjustable quantities cause of dizziness or lightheadedness . Avoid having too much of royal jelly. Sometimes after eating jelly you can feel like you’re about to faint at any time, so to avoid this drink 8-10 glasses of water in a training day and for a few minutes. This will not only help reduce the effect dizziness will also keep you healthy.

Causes Dizziness

cause rashes

Actual honey everybody does not adapt, as they are normal allergic to honey may be allergic to royal jelly. These red rashes occur in the body and are red. At some point you may also see shock in your body, be careful not to touch. Remedy to get rid of these eruptions is by mixing baking soda with water on the eruptions. Use cotton and gently apply the mixture on the eruption. Do this twice a day and see the results.

Causes Skin Rashes

causes coughing

cough can sometimes be very painful. Having too much of royal jelly causes coughing . The cough is loud and noisy and also hurts your throat if not treated in time. A quick medicine is having ginger tea will be instantly soothe his throat and reduce coughing.

Causes Coughing

cause nausea

If pregnant and still is eating royal jelly is possible that he feel like vomiting and difficult . So during pregnancy avoid royal jelly. This can be avoided is either by having ginger tea, lime water, fruit juices that are rich in vitamin or any dairy products such as bread or toast and go for a walk outside. This will help you from this feeling instantly.

Causes Nausea

stomach pains

upset stomach is the most common side effect you found in people who eat fish royal jelly regularly and in large quantities. To deal with it, you can eat bananas or have the whole wheat bread or brown rice. In such cases, having tea with mint flavor also works great.

Upset Stomach

Harmful for asthmatics

Any person who has asthma should not take on the Real jelly because it can spoil the condition more and can cause shortness of breath. If in case you have had royal jelly, and you can not breathe properly you should call the nearest hospital and should call an ambulance for security reasons, as there is possibility that it could run the risk of spoiling your health and more.

Harmful For Asthmatics

Causes eye irritation

There is a possibility that after royal jelly, you can feel your eyes are itchy and can cause redness and can make it swollen. Excess consumption of jelly can also make your watery eyes and cause eye irritation, which can be harmful. Make sure you do not touch eyes with hands that are not disinfected. Wash hands and wash the eyes with cold water. This will help reduce the redness and swelling of the eyes.

Causes Eye Irritation

difficult inhaling and exhaling

After consuming royal jelly, which could feel chest pain and you may have difficulty breathing . If this problem occurs often, all you can do is reduce consumption and also talk to your doctor before intake, which may suggest that if it is good for your health or not. Given the opportunity in this case may be a bad idea.

Difficult To Inhale And Exhale

can cause death

After discussing all the side effects, death is the last side effects, which can occur due to consumption of royal jelly. The reason behind this is that a person who has a weak digestive system and can not digest food easily really is unpalatable food even light, then you should avoid full consumption of Royal Jelly. It is the least that can happen, but it is the most dangerous side effect and anyone with weak digestive system should simply avoid this royal jelly. After all life is more important than anything else.

Can lead to Death

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