This is what happens to your body if you walk barefoot five minutes daily

If you were well focused in their history classes, you probably know that people walked barefoot on a first, and it has been the case for centuries. Putting on shoes affects the most essential human sense -. The sense of touch

Certain points in the hands and feet are connected to organs in your body. By walking barefoot, these points are stimulated, and therefore improve the function of organs.


The flow of energy in the body

The vital energy flows inside the human body. In China it is known as “chi”, and India is “Prana.” You do not have to remember his name as long as their effect on your health as you remember. “Chi” runs through the so-called meridian system, which is quite similar to the bloodstream.

adequate flow means that their bodies receive all the energy they need. Corked meridian affects particular organ which is associated with, and eventyally causes disease.

The ends of these meridians are on your feet. When you walk barefoot, to stimulate them and thus “massage” the organs of his body, while reviving the flow of energy through the meridians. This is the most amazing acupressure massage around!

acupressure massage

If you can not walk barefoot, foot massage acupressure can really help. Massaging hands and feet for five minutes every morning to improve your health and increase your vitality.

These massages require strong pressure, but not too strong, of course. If it’s easier for you to practice pressure on the kitchen scale – it should be about a quarter kilo 2-3 kilograms. Focus on pain points and you’ll do fine.

Acupressure may seem simple, but its benefits are beyond amazing.

acupressure massage are great in treating sinus problems, stress, indigestion, lack of energy, frequent infections, heart failure, hormonal imbalance and the like.

acupressure provide their bodies with the energy they need to function properly.


Like the sun provides vitamin D, plant gives you the energy you need.

is the ground connection to the natural bioelectrical field in the ground. Walking barefoot to renew and strengthen this connection.

like walking barefoot

Start by walking barefoot for 5-10 minutes a day. Increase time spent walking barefoot gradually. Over time, you will not have difficulties walking barefoot.

The flow of unfamiliar emotions may surprise you. However, this is actually a kind of reconnection with nature. Enjoy these emotions and natural intelligence that grows within you.


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