Remove all poisons in the body in 48 Hours – A detox plan weekend

you feel tired and lacking energy, your skin is dry and dark circles are simply impossible cover? These are all signs that your body is “poisoned” with harmful substances, ie toxins.

The condition of the body that makes an ideal candidate virus and influenza. What your body needs is desperately detoxification.


Every time is right to cleanse the body, to strengthen and restore your energy. Choose the weekend and prepare a menu that will cleanse your body of all harmful substances.

Detoxification of the body can be made by a purification process that can include five organs :. Kidney, liver, intestines, lungs and lymph nodes

This process has certain requirements, such as eating a low-fat food, meat, potatoes and sweets, and drink as much liquid as possible.

is preferred

The detox program to be done twice a year for ten days, but if you do not have much time, we prefer a detox weekend, which is useful, and if a few times ago a year, the results will be excellent.

The best effects can be felt when dandelion, nettle and birch tea is used.

is required daily physical activities, such as walking, swimming or going to the gym.

Weekend Detox Plan

Every morning, immediately after waking up, you must 2.5 dl drinking warm water.


Breakfast: 2.5 dl black fruits pure water, green tea or a cup of oatmeal with a tablespoon flaxseed, 2 dl milk or yogurt diet, ½ cup fresh grain (eg blueberries)

lunch : 2.5 pure water, grilled hake (250 g ), spinach with potatoes in olive oil, 2 cups salad (green, arugula, tomato) prepared with olive oil or lemon juice, a slice of melon and a small banana,

a snack :. An apple, 1, 8 dl regular yogurt, ¼ cup pumpkin seeds, 2, 5 tap water

Supper : A piece of grilled tuna on a barbecue or a sheet (150 g), 2 cups salad with olive oil and lemon juice, ½ cup of vegetables prepared in a steamer (broccoli or spinach), some brown pastries, 2.5 dl pure water, tea anise .


Breakfast :. A cup of oatmeal with a tablespoon of flaxseed, 2 dl milk or yogurt diet, green tea and a pear

A snack :. Grapefruit

Lunch :. 200g chicken breasts in a barbecue, soup vegetables (carrot, beans, onion, pepper, celery, potatoes), brine (150 g), 2.5 dl running water

Supper :. Carrot and beet salad with lemon juice added some brown pastries, tea nettle


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