Perfect for bad posture body exercise

the-perfect-exercise-for-poor-body-posture Poor posture is not pleasing to the eye and eventually can cause serious health problems. As you can see, your mother and teacher were right to say that you should always have good posture. Today, the problem of poor posture gets worse every day.

obesity, excess text messages, stress and sitting for long hours contribute to the problem. Each of these factors makes your muscles even weaker than they are naturally back. What can be done to solve your problem?

Lie on your stomach, face down. Lift the front of his body slowly and carefully, and keep your head up. Levante to the point that you find comfortable. Remember, doing things too hard never brings success. Set your arms at your sides and place your hands on your hips. This exercise will help to activate the muscles of the back and legs. If by chance you do not know, your back muscles bear the brunt of stress. For best results, do this exercise for ten minutes.

Repeating for ten times is more than enough for the first time. Do the exercise every day and add more repetitions. It will help to strengthen and straighten your back. Say goodbye to bad posture!


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