How she used the simplest trick to stop sugar and weight loss

Mary was a woman of 40 who has no medical problems until she was in menopause. This woman did not experience hormonal problems in her life, she gave birth, and his body was still the same. Her body was still perfect, but menopause caused his metabolism to slow down and she began to gain weight.

Hot flashes, night sweats and insomnia caused similar symptoms. Moreover, he became moody and was not happy as before. Therefore, he decided to help themselves and change their diet and other habits that had adverse effects on his condition.


Namely, refused to take any medication because of hormonal changes, but prefers the use of natural treatments. So in addition to exercise and relaxation techniques, changed his diet. She stopped using sugar and underwent numerous advantages.

Zen Habits says AHS sugar destructive properties, which can damage your body forever. Sugar can significantly impair their condition, as it will lead to increased fat storage, depression, anxiety and mood swings that affect brain function and accelerate the aging process.

As soon as Maria learned about these devastating facts, he decided to avoid sugar. Although they not help with menopausal problems, which brought numerous health benefits.

coconut is your best ally against sugar addiction!

Soon, this woman discovered coconut to be a natural solution and effective sugar substitute. Namely, coconut oil has medium chain fatty acids that are healthy source of fat used for energy the body and not stored as fat deposits. In addition, it causes high levels of sugar, but only help in increasing energy. She learned to use coconut, coconut oil and coconut water to reduce the need for sugar.

Coconut oil can easily find these days. After trying several brands, Maria concluded that organic is best. Coconut oil can be used in your kitchen. It is the healthiest possible option, as it destroys the sugar and fat in food.

Moreover, you can also try cracking a coconut and pour into a glass, then cool and so refreshing after consuming drink.

When Mary wanted something sweet to eat, took a spoonful of coconut oil because it is sweet and creamy and is a perfect substitute for unhealthy snacks and sweets. In addition, coconut water is rich in electrolytes too. As it was already a fan of smoothies, which replaced the milk

with coconut water, or she simply add a tablespoon of coconut oil in your smoothies.

As a result of these changes in your diet, Maria loses pounds, which boosted its energy and had no more mood swings. The symptoms of menopause he felt were under control at last, and his whole life was improved.


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