How fresheners are killing you? After reading this you will never use air fresheners again!

artificial air fresheners, whether aerosols, smells of incense, included in the electric current, and so on, can be harmful to health.

This is especially dangerous for children and pregnant women. These air fresheners are made of chemicals that can accumulate in the body for years and lead to various diseases. The symptoms may be frequent dizziness, chills, low immunity and so on.

In some fresheners, large amounts of phthalates, found in so-called natural flavors. Phthalates are particularly dangerous for pregnant women because it can cause problems in the developing baby. In addition, they may be carcinogenic and harmful to the lungs and breathing.

01.04 dichlorobenzene is one of these chemicals, and can be found in most air fresheners. It is affecting the receptors in the nose and eliminate odor.

This is done deliberately to create the illusion of fresh air. When the smell of air fresheners inhaled, the nose does not detect other smells so good.

Some Smells other harmful ingredients. They can lead to changes in blood flow, blood pressure, mood, cause headaches, etc. A large percentage of people with asthma fresheners citing these as triggers asthma attacks.

If you are used to artificial air fresheners or who really need them, read the label and find out about ingredients before buying.

If you can, choose the most natural air freshener. In addition, you can always use alternative ways to get, beautiful fresh flavors, such as orange peel, lemon, natural plants and flowers, lavender, peppermint, chamomile and more. Do not forget to open the windows often to let fresh air in the rooms.
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