7 Simple stretches to straighten your spine naturally

Today, back pain is a common health problem, as many people experience back pain problems throughout the world. Our spine can be easily damaged while we perform our daily activities, whether active or passive way is our lifestyle.

However, there is a natural and easy to strengthen the spine and relieve back pain so. The following 7 exercises will help reduce or completely get rid of this painful problem:

Exercise 1

lean on the floor on his right knee, and try to stretch the leg back. The left leg is supposed to be bent at the knee. Stay in this position for half a minute.



Exercise 2

While lying on the back, stretch your right arm to the side, forming a right angle with the body. Then try to stretch the left leg, in order to be straight. Then stretch your right knee on the left, in a position that almost touches the left hand. Stay in this position for 20 seconds. Repeat twice to both knees.


Exercise 3

While lying on the back, bend your legs at the knee. Pull the left leg with both hands on his knee to his torso. Hold for 20 seconds and repeat the exercise twice to both legs.


Exercise 4

need to lie on your back, bend the left leg at the knee and place the bottom half of the leg right diagonal on the left thigh. At this time, the knee should be pointing sideways at a right angle. Gently pull the left leg to the head and remain so for half a minute. Then change the leg position and repeat once more.


Exercise 5

twice while lying on the back, right leg at the knee and extend the left leg overhead. Using both hands, pull it toward the torso, and thereby maintain for half a minute. Repeat twice to both legs.


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