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Why Japanese women do not get old or fat

When it comes to aging and stay slim, it looks like Japanese women – and Asians in general – have hit the jackpot genetics. Many comedian speculated about how you never see an ‘old Asian lady’ and slight frame is equally

How to protect against Alzheimer’s by just a cheap ingredient

Dr. Mary is someone who stands out in terms of habitual thinking about Alzheimer’s. Most doctors will tell you there is no treatment for this disease. Dr. Maria disagrees with them. She began researching the disease when her husband was diagnosed

The apple cider vinegar improves blood sugar regulation and accelerates weight loss

vinegar, also called “sour grapes” was used by the ancient Babylonians (5000 BC). The apple cider vinegar has been used by Hippocrates (father of medicine) for some pharmaceutical issues such as treatment of injuries and as a tonic for lasting cough.

How fresheners are killing you? After reading this you will never use air fresheners again!

artificial air fresheners, whether aerosols, smells of incense, included in the electric current, and so on, can be harmful to health. This is especially dangerous for children and pregnant women. These air fresheners are made of chemicals that can accumulate in

These three foods may lower the blockage in the arteries and cholesterol in the blood

There are three foods you should consolidate that will destroy the lock on the courses and help get rid of fat in the blood. It is a drink together garlic, lemon and ginger. There are endless benefits of this drink; which

The man who discovered cancer said this …. You never hear this from your doctor

Oxygen deficiency is initially what really causes cancer, its root cause, says Award Winner Dr. Otto Warburg Nobel H, responsible for discovering the true cause of cancer. This deficiency causes an acidic state of the human body. Dr. Warburg also revealed

4 Ways to tone your arms with No Equipment Needed

t is the season people. Temperature, workloads and increased gym memberships like crazy, so the last thing you need after a long day is spend extra time hearing people make loud strange sounds. Therefore, the only way to get a good

See how your finger length reveals your personality!

Can you imagine that the length of the fingers actually reveals details about his personality? Compare your index finger and the ring to see if it matches your personality. The image below has three types of finger lengths -. A, B

Mudras life savings -. This simple healing touch can really save your life

According to some experts that people have energy channels and health problems have the power to affect the power supply and release mudras are special hand gestures used to maintain inner balance and healing. In this article we will discuss more

What happens to your body when you use mobile phones before bedtime

Dan J. Siegel, a clinical professor of psychiatry at UCLA School of Medicine, explained what makes your mobile your brain and body whenever you check it before going to bed. expose your eyes to photons. “Stay awake, no sleep!” Yes, that’s

Remove all poisons in the body in 48 Hours – A detox plan weekend

you feel tired and lacking energy, your skin is dry and dark circles are simply impossible cover? These are all signs that your body is “poisoned” with harmful substances, ie toxins. The condition of the body that makes an ideal candidate