Wisdom Teeth Dental scam and what you need your wisdom teeth


The truth is that I am writing this article about the importance of wisdom teeth, while all mines have been removed. They have been for years. I’m pretty sure many of yours have gone a lot too. I did not know any better. We trust our dentists to do the best job possible, while often not even question their methods. There should be questioned and should have investigated myself. But now I can share my research and find with you so you can make decisions for yourself and not just listen to your dentist just because he tells you. Many of us have told us that the wisdom teeth should be removed just because they are not really necessary. According to dentists, teeth are simply unnecessary inconveniently only displace mouths.

What are wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth, also called third molars, are the furthest back teeth. Usually they begin to grow when you are in your early twenties or late teens. A report published in the American Journal of Public Health says that more than 67% of the teeth extractions are unnecessary preventive trial done. Since the transfer of 10 million wisdom teeth in the United States each year, only 20 were needed. The old story about wisdom teeth causing all kinds of diseases is simply untrue. You have to look realistically, it is a huge money making machine (about a billion dollars a year) for the dental industry.

In the 1900s, Dr. Weston A. Price did extensive research on the relationship between diseases and oral health. It was found that there are native tribes, with their traditional diets, were almost 100 percent free of caries. It concluded that dental and even general health is nutrition. Fortunately, this discovery is being practiced by holistic dentists today and understand that if you provide enough nutrients to the jawbone, while its development, all 32 teeth have their space in the mouth without crowding it. Theconclusion is that proper nutrition is the secret behind the wheels free trial of problems.

Dr. Weston Price also found that when these tribes began to add sugar and white flour in your diet, your perfect healthy teeth, rapidly degraded.

really recommend reading his revealing book and fascinationg Nutrition and Physical Degeneration.

Why do you need the wisdom teeth?

Our teeth are vital organs that live in and linked to the body as a whole. Wisdom teeth are connected (according to the acupuncture meridians) in front of the pituitary gland and our little intestine.In fact, 46 percent of motor and sensory nerves in the cerebral cortex of the brain are interconnected with the mouth and the face. So every time a tooth is removed, disturbed and acupuncture meridian flowing through the area of ​​the tooth is broken. In traditional Chinese medicine there is a system of acupuncture, known for more than 5000 years ago, called the system of acupuncture meridians, showing the vital link between your teeth and segments of the spine, joints, organs, vertebrae and endocrine glands.

tooth extractions of judgment can be dangerous.

Did you know that the fact that there are between 57,000 and 175,000 people after wisdom teeth extractions experienced permanent tingling, numbness tinglingor caused by nerve damage. Once again, this proves the point that all the teeth are connected by pathways of the nervous system with every part of our body. Even that is a common surgery for many Americans, extraction of wisdom teeth can have very serious consequences that can lead to sudden death. Therefore, due to above reasons, I do not recommend the removal of wisdom teeth unless there is good reason to. According to the dental specialist based in California, Jay Friedman, more than 67% of all extractions of wisdom teeth are necessary for medical reasons, and that most patients would be perfectly fine if you just leave their wisdom teeth judgment alone.

There are serious side effects for the extraction of wisdom teeth

transfer of wisdom teeth results in a lot of discomfort, pain and swelling. On the other hand, can sometimes cause serious complications, including:

permanent paresthesia (numbness of the cheeks, lips and tongue).

broken jaws and fractured teeth.

Some complications can have long-term consequences and not many patients are informed of these .

Dr. Friedman concludes that approximately two thirds of all extractions of wisdom teeth in the US are unnecessary . Even considering that withdrawals as a danger to public health due to complications arising from them. In his view, only the teeth having a pathological condition or a specific problem must be eliminated. The British NHS (National Health Service) adopted a policy that reflects this view. The practice of unnecessary removal of third molars without pathology has been discontinued in the UK.

not convince prophylactic removal of wisdom teeth hasty judgment. Seeking a second opinion, information, and remember that most wisdom teeth actually can be left as they are.


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