Why Hunza people live more than 100 years and still do not know about cancer?


Did you believe that some people have found ways how to prevent cancer? Perhaps this sounds incredible but it is true.Dr.Krebs began work on a hunch that cancer is a reaction to poor diet and this is one reason why many people are suffering from this terrible medical disease.The he was investigating the Hunza people living near Pakistan.

realized that the people of Hunza are very healthy and have never suffered from diseases such as cancer, diabetes and heart stroke.But this is due to lifestyle.They eat healthy food, he was given to it is bone broth, raw milk, fresh grains and meat.They are very similar to the nomads and shepherds, who are very active during the day and most importantly, who rarely consume sugar.In fact, are in good condition however, due to the large amounts of apricot seeds rich in vitamin B17.

How vitamin B17 work?

Vitamin B17 is composed of a benzaldehyde molecule, one molecule of hydrogen cyanide and two glucose molecules. Must come into contact with an enzyme specific beta-glucosidase in order to release the enzyme and cyanide benzaldehyde .This is especially present in cancer cells (up to 3000 times).

With beta – glucosidase enzyme benzaldehyde and vitamin B17 cyanide, destruction of infected cells are released. B17 is extremely lethal to cancer cells due to the high concentration of beta-glucosidase enzymes whereas for healthy cells is not toxic.

cyanide and benzaldehyde are Eventhough toxic elements, when in combination with glucose molecules Vitamin B17, which are inert and have no toxic effects.

recommended daily dose

For prevention, the recommended daily dose is 5 to 7 seeds. If you are a cancer patient, you will have to consume1-2 seeds every hour, but not more than 35 seeds per day. The result you get when you devide the weight of three, the maximum apricot seeds you should consume in a day is shown.

Beside the healthy lifestyle and diet, stress free environment also helped people of Hunza to have a longer shelf life. They are pure examples of how we should all be living our lives.

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