WARNING! Do you even know what kind of milk you drink ‘and the numbers on the packaging mean?!?

Have you noticed the numbers on the bottoms of milk cartons? If so, you know its meaning? This is not a silly question, since those numbers are not just added randomly, but its hidden meaning can be more than just interesting. Its meaning is vague or unknown to most consumers of milk.

Each pack carton of milk at the bottom has numbers 1-5, or 1-6 in some countries. These numbers have double meanings: the first is a good reason to panic. That is, these figures show, actually the number of times the milk has been recycled or reprocessed.


The milk is regulated by law to be reprocessed again at 190 ° C and shipped back to stores. This process can be done up to 5 times so all manufacturers are required to print the exact number of times you have repeated this process. And again, this is regulated by law. The truth is that milk reprocessing or recycling whatever you call it, is real and has allowed in some countries.

If these numbers printed (123456) do not have a number, that ‘s exactly how many times the milk is recycled. For example, if the package has printed 12,456 in it it is number 3, which leads to the fact that milk`s date of use has expired or 3 times milk has been re-pasteurized 3 times.

Moreover, some milk cartons do not have all the numbers, but one, which in turn means the same thing. That’s another trick makes use, so if you buy the whole box you`ll notice that the missing number of packets being applied to the other.

Now, according to the second piece of information, these numbers indicate the number of times the board has been recycled.

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