Very Instructive! Two Men Plan To Sexually Assault A Boy They Met On Facebook. But Watch What Happens When His Mom Walks In

Young people often accept friend requests from people who have never known without thinking consequences.Today is very important to talk to your kidn about the dangers of social mediation, especially the dangers of connecting with a female stranger.Young hear this message very frequently, but it is important for young men who have average social security as well.To show that young men are so susceptible to online predators and females, Coby Persin was undercover as a teenager and contacted three teenagers with parental permission.

Only 24 hours after connecting with the kids, Coby invited to hang out and accepted.These guys had no idea that the person waiting for them there would be “Amanda,” the teenager, but Coby and their parents! It is incredibly infuriating to see this video and see these teenagers make such bad decisions.


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