The manufacturer of prescription pleads guilty to child Tylenol mixed with carcinogenic heavy metals

Are you one of those who still need one more reason to stop buying over- the-counter drugs in general? We have the reason you need! Having been accused of selling contaminated products to consumers, Johnson & Johnson has only been convicted.

After this confession, the makers of Tylenol and Motrin for children have agreed to pay a fine of $ 25 million dollars. The charges against them involving poor manufacturing processes at its plant in Fort Washington, Pennsylvania.


These charges were the result of an incident, when metal particles were found in a bottle of Tylenol your baby. The bottle is manufactured at the McNeil Consumer Healthcare plant between May 2009 and April 2010.

“Philadelphia Inquirer” revealed that in early May 2009, a customer complained McNeil on the presence of certain black spots on the liquid in the bottom of the bottle Infants’ Tylenol.

The customer returns the bottle to McNeil, and the company found a mixture of nickel and chromium in the remaining liquid. This information is according to the plea agreement and documents filed by prosecutors in Philadelphia branch of Consumer Protection Department of Justice.

According to official court documents, by the year 2010, the company had found 30 batches of medicines were contaminated, including Motrin and Children’s Tylenol.

The problem was detected using a machine that was made of a “metal compound is mostly nickel but also includes iron, tin, bismuth and chromium.” The reality is that no claims by a bare occurrence of diseases resulting consumption of these products.

However, customers reported these “black spots” in their products as well as “musty odor” and “labeling problems.”

When FDA officials asked a written plan in 2010, McNeil plant is supposed to remedy the problem, a plant employee McNeil simply said they did not have one. However, the plant was still in operation, despite not having met requirements.

Actually, this same plant was in full operation for 5 days after the initial discovery of contaminated products are made.

Furthermore, after a further 17 days, the FDA issued a statement recall.

As a result, the Deputy Attorney General, Benjamin C. Mizer said the fact McNeil to comply with current good manufacturing practices was seriously worrying.

The same newspaper wrote that the recent plea arrangement was over the penalty phase of a two-part process. The official decision of J & J promised that initially the company spent $ 100 million on the renovation and repair factory McNeil for future use.

Undoubtedly, before production can resume their work, the FDA requirements must be met and the federal agency must certify that the plant is safe to operate and have made the necessary corrections. They must agree to a federal court, as well.

Sad but true, this is not a major pharmaceutical companies such confidence, because they do not care about basic consumer concerns such as heavy metals in our children drugs. Unfortunately, they are too busy thinking about the depth of your pockets.


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