REASON why you should never refrigerate eggs!


Do you keep eggs in the refrigerator?

People living in Australia, Japan, North America and the Scandinavian countries maintain their eggs in the fridge, but people living in other countries, to keep eggs out of the refrigerator.

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Should we keep the eggs in the fridge?

The most common rick of egg consumption is the bacteria known as Salmonella.

do not need to refrigerate eggs because there are protections against Salmonella, such as washing, inspections and monitoring of eggs from supplier to Europe store.In most chickens are vaccinated against Salmonella .That is why we have to be concerned or keep eggs in the fridge.

What should you do?

The eggs are bought from local farmers are fresh, tasty and are healthier for you.You can be stored at room temperature.

But if you buy eggs from the grocery store then you should keep in the fridge because they were previously in the fridge.In this way are prone to bacterial growth.

Note: You should throw eggs that are odorous


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The position REASON why you should never refrigerate eggs! It first appeared in My Health Central.

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