How to grow okra seed easily at home

If you like okra, you may want to grow yourself at home. Once you have your own supply of okra, you can do all you want gumbo or fried in a little butter for a delicious feast, and use it to control diabetes. It can also be pickled or roasted.

The benefit to the growing okra is that not only can reap the fruit of the ground (green pods) will also get to take home some great decoration because of the way the leaves are ornamental . So how to grow okra in your own home? Let’s go over it step by step.


First step: Get a bucket of five gallons or some large pots of mouth and drill four holes in the bottom. Fill with fresh potting soil for (not your garden outdoors, but from a bag).

Second step: Soak okra seeds in a glass of water for 12-24 hours before planting in the pot. This will soften the outer layer and a little help them germinate faster. You should plant the okra in a row about three inches apart and about an inch deep. Give plenty of water plants, but do not drown, just make sure the soil is moist and keep it moist during germination.

Step Three: Use artificial lights or make sure you can give a lot of sunlight. Okra needs 7-8 hours of sunlight per day, and on cloudy days that may not be possible so you should probably use an artificial light. Germination takes little less than a week to just over two weeks. Be sure to keep the plant in a room where the temperature is 60 degrees (F).

Step Four: After 17 to 18 days of germination, increase the temperature of 70-80 degrees. You still want to give seedlings 8 hours of light per day.

Step Five: Switches between giving the plant an inch and a half of water and let it dry until the next watering. The plant has the ability to survive for weeks without water, but too much water can hurt.

Step Six: When the plants reach about three inches weed plants smaller and thinner seed and leave the healthiest one. Only you want one plant in the pot at this time or can not produce fruit.

Step Seven: Do not forget to give the plant fertilizer plant when it is between five and six inches tall. Also you should give fertilizer when the plant bears fruit.

Step Eight: When the plant grows six inches you will have to start thinking about the structure and support. okra plants can grow up to four feet in indoor conditions and up to six feet in outdoor conditions.

Step Nine: About two months after planting the seeds of the plant will produce fruit. Ensure that harvest quickly or else it will not taste good and the plant will produce best when harvested regularly.

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