DIY HONEY TO CURE WRAPS cough and clear mucus from the lungs


This is an amazing resource that can help:

  • the treatment of colds;
  • The treatment of respiratory diseases;
  • Remove excess mucus.
  • get rid of bad cough.

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Honey wraps are suitable for both children (6 months and older) and adults and can help treat the disease in a single night. They are great because of the potent anti-inflammatory effects of heat and light. Moreover, there will be no side effects.


  • flour;
  • honey;
  • Vegetable oil;
  • gauze;
  • napkin;
  • tape strip.


    First you need to mix the flour with a small amount of honey, so that a mixture does not stick to your hands is obtained. This is the mixture which is to be used for the pad.

    Now add a little vegetable oil to this mixture, then roll in a little flour, again. Now the mixture is ready, it is necessary to place it on a napkin, and then wrap the pack in a gauze.

    With a tape plaster, you need to attach this envelope on the chest or back and then put on his pajamas.

    Remember not to place the envelope all the way to the heart area. The content of these wrappers honey should be slightly above the heart.

    The best time to put this napkin for your child is just before going to bed. Should let it stay like this for about 2-3 hours.

    Moreover, adults can keep your pad all night, and if you want a slightly enhanced effect, you can add a little mustard powder.


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