Burn your BRAS NOW Ladies – This is what scientists found

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October 13 is “National Day braless’? You knew about that? there’s probably a good reason why this kind of day was invented and created.This day is given in the sense of awareness of breast cancer.

are usually giving support and reduce sagging breasts .That is why some women are “,, for bras and others are not.

Bras – UNDER FIRE – Why

Scientists have shown that bras are harmful to use because it can decrease breast health.Roullion is a science of the sport that was trying a study of fifteen years about the impact on women aged between 18 and studies 40.His shown that girls and women are wearing bra are in danger because fasteners even reduce blood circulation in the breasts and reduce his tone.

to burn or not to burn your bras?

Women who experienced and improvement in raising the nipple were not using bras.A significant percentage of doctors have claimed that women who are not wearing the bra can increase production collagen and elasticity.

This research proved to be quite convincing and researchers still warn people to take with a grain of salt. This is due to the fact that the study showed that the use of the fastener can be potentially harmful was done in only 330 women, so generalization to all women in the world would be a bit exaggerated.

In short, according to scientists, more research on the harmful effects of using the fastener is needed. Moreover, we must not forget that not all women wear bras breastfeeding support. Many women wear bras so that other people do not see their exposed breasts and nipples, which is entirely different purpose to that mentioned in the investigation.

Well, our advice is to let scientists and researchers do their job and think again before burning their bras immediately.

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