An incredible discovery! This cancer fruit Kills Only a few minutes


Cancer is a very deadly disease that currently kills a lot of people worldwide. The main cause of cancer has not been found and only speculates substances enhancers in the development of cancer cells are known. There is still no known cancer and available treatments have catastrophic side effects cure. From chemotherapy, which negatively affects the patient’s health, surgery leading to mutilation, these treatments are unpleasant.

Recent research has found that fruit Blushwood tree can kill many types of cancer FAST. In fact, cancer is not returnedin 75% of cases. This berry with amazing anti-cancer properties blushwood grows in the tree, which only grows in the pockets of Far North Queensland.

This discovery was made following an eight-year study by a group of scientists from the Institute of Medical Research in Brisbane QIMR Berghofer, led by Dr. Glen Boyle.An experimental drug derived from the berry, EBC-46, has so far been used in 300 animals, including dogs, cats and horses.

There were no side effects, but what surprised scientists most was how fast they worked the compounds of fruit; the drug took effect within five minutes tumors disappeared within days.

The compound works by three ways essentially: kill tumor cells directly, the blood supply to the body’s immune system is cut and also activated to clean up the mess left behind .”

The surprising for us and what we do not see very often is the speed with which this happens ” said Dr. Boyle.

Dr. Boyle said the results of preclinical studies suggest that the drug may be effective in human patients.Dr. Boyle was hopeful for the compound of the fruit to be used for tumors that can be accessed by direct injection, but said it would not be effective against metastatic cancers, and therefore could only add to the chemotherapy and radiation instead of replacing them.


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