A new study reveals cheese is as addictive as hard drugs

is very easy to find in any American cheese dishes. They are widely available in American food. Its wide availability is one reason that many actually have an addiction to cheese.

may seem a bit far-fetched to associate cheese with addiction, but it’s really plausible. Cheese milk products are chemicals that are almost the same as that of morphine. There is a specific protein that is available in humans and cows known as casein, discovered by researchers in 1981. The intake of dairy products make the casein to release substances known as casomorphins. This substance, casomorphin is an opioid that is derived from the same family of opioids like morphine. Because it is an opiate, casein in cheese can actually make one addicted to cheese or cheese-based products.

This probably explains why I remembered thinking I could not stop eating cheese when he had begun to make some major changes in diet, trying to skip processed foods, foodstuffs derived from animals and meat.


How can become addictive as cheese?

I think that not having cheese in my life is an impossible goal to achieve. After removing the cheese out of my diet, I have still crave it, because I have formed an addiction to cheese. However, the years have passed, and I think I recovered from my addiction, and I’m lucky to have found substitutes for all the cheese I lack in my life!

a human child needs milk to provide nutrition for growing children. It also helps to improve the connection between mother and child. Casomorphins in our mother’s milk is important for both baby and mother.

However, cow’s milk actually has more casomorphin content as compared with the milk of human mother about 10 times. Casomorphins concentration in cheese is also very high because it uses up to 10 pounds of cow’s milk to make one pound of cheese.

Although cheese products do you get a drug induced high or explain the need to consult the help of an addiction therapist, however explain our love for cheese. There is also no need to worry about going to rehab because he has an addiction to cheese! It’s not like an alcohol or recreational drugs!

However, cheese and dairy products can actually create a strong dependence of it toward creating powerful cravings for it. These desires make it difficult for us to completely remove the cheese from our diet. Such is the power of addiction to cheese; consumption in the United States has tripled in recent years. A high consumption of cheese in the United States has led to major health problem, obesity.

There is a need for us to get over our addiction cheese

is really surprising to learn that most of us they are truly lactose intolerant. Being lactose intolerant is the inability to break down and digest the cheese and other dairy products. Besides obesity, increased consumption of dairy products has been linked to gastrointestinal disorders, various forms of cancer, osteoporosis and ironically! These are just some of the serious health problems that arise with the consumption of cheese and dairy products.

According to Dr. Campbell, author of “The China Study,” cow’s milk has been linked directly or indirectly to cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and a wide spectrum of allergy-related diseases. the statements are supported by scientific studies published journals, some of which are decades old, with evidence of long against cow’s milk. Dr. Campbell says there are better alternatives to cow’s milk to obtain nutrients.

cheese consumption not only harms humans. the cows raised for their milk are put in terrible conditions. They are forced to be pregnant throughout their lives while being injected with synthetic hormones and antibiotics. These drugs are then passed into the milk, which is then ingested by humans, causing various health problems. Worse, farmers in these dairy farms also remove calves from their mothers, which further worsens the experience of the cows!

What can we do to make a difference?

must be aware of cheese consumption by the average American, who is about 30 pounds of cheese in a single year. We can reduce the consumption of cheese, bearing only on special occasions, rather than every day. There are several alternatives and substitutes are available if you want to eliminate dairy products from their diet.

Some of the brands that are available in grocery stores include Daiya, Sheese, and follow your heart. Instead of dairy products, some cheeses are made from nuts and seeds. These are known as vegans gourmet cheeses sold in health food stores and specialty shops. These products are so good; it will be difficult to differentiate them from regular cheese aged cows! Click here to try one of my favorite recipes, ‘Mac’ n ‘using tofu’ Cheeze ‘. I’ve also tried to make the cheese nuts too! If you like cheese on pizza ingredients, or in salads or wraps, try the feta baked vegan cashew or almond Brie!

Plenty of recipes are available online, where they use cheese substitutes homemade, from nutritional yeast and cashews. Staying healthy and being compassionate about life!

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