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The real dangers of eating Nutella

What to do when your sweet tooth kicks in, but you are trying to watch your weight? You could completely ignore your craving for sweets (good luck with that!), Or you could try to meet with something that is sweet, but

Keep your phone in your pocket? Stop It Now – The consequences could be deadly

We all love our brand new smartphones. But how much do we really know about the risks associated with its use? Russian doctors and the League Health Organization’s Office warn that the phones are more dangerous to our health than we

This is what happens to your knuckles When crack for them (Video)

How many times have you told your knuckles will not crack? Most people believe that this is the reason why older people are shaking hands. ‘ ” Apparently, many people do not know the truth. This cracking phenomenon is well explained

See how your finger length reveals your personality!

Can you imagine that the length of the fingers actually reveals details about his personality? Compare your index finger and the ring to see if it matches your personality. The image below has three types of finger lengths -. A, B

This dust causes cancer in 10,000 women

Baby powder is commonly used in almost all households, regardless of whether there is a baby in the house or not. Most women say that baby powder talcum based softens and rejuvenates the skin. If you are one of them, it

The manufacturer of prescription pleads guilty to child Tylenol mixed with carcinogenic heavy metals

Are you one of those who still need one more reason to stop buying over- the-counter drugs in general? We have the reason you need! Having been accused of selling contaminated products to consumers, Johnson & Johnson has only been convicted.

Fluoride officially classified as a neurotoxin in the prestigious Journal of Medicine World

According to the most prestigious medical journal, fluoride is considered a dangerous neurotoxin. In this article you can read more about fluoride and its effect on health. In recent years, people have started a movement to remove sodium fluoride water supply,

7 Vegetables and fruits can grow Interior Clipping

If waste compost in your garden, then you already have the habit of recycling. But did you know that some of this waste can actually be used to produce more plants? These are the seven most popular that the team at

How to grow Interior turmeric

Turmeric is one of the world healthier nourishment. clean antibacterial properties of turmeric make it good for cleaning and treating wounds, and mitigating properties perform admirably against joint agony and are powerful for the treatment of joint pain. Experts agree that

Trick you can reduce the increased blood pressure within 10 seconds

Trick you can reduce the increased blood pressure within 10 seconds ; admin April 9, 2015 General Health Care Health Tips Home Remedies If you have problems with high blood pressure, be sure to change dietary habits and, above all, to

Healing flaxseed drink: a few cups of this drink will cleanse your body of toxins and treat ulcers

Flaxseed contains abundant beneficial ingredients including vitamins, mineral acids omega 3 and fiber. This seed has the power to cleanse the body, normalize metabolism, regulate blood sugar and decrease appetite. Drink It flaxseed as the main ingredient is recommended by a