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Warning to parents: These are not gummy candies, which is a new Lethal Drugs

This article is aimed primarily at parents, as they are able to warn his own children about the new threat! the black market. Namely, it is known strawberry, which is another type of jewel goal and is a subspecies of methamphetamine,

McDonald these products contain toxic ingredients more

For decades, there has been a battle between those who promote a healthier lifestyle, including some government agencies and fast-food companies, McDonald which is a part of. The restaurant has begun to make the changes that are intended to lead to

You have to cook the rice incorrect His whole life, do this when water boils

Rice is easy to prepare, which is not the case for most grains. The body has difficulty digesting starch and rice yields are higher. However, like other grains, rice is not the healthiest choice for your meals. Eating too much rice

Surprising: See What fruits and vegetables go through in order to look more fresh! (VIDEO)

carefully pick your fruits and vegetables, and always buy fresh produce from a local farm or a trusted source. Unfortunately, not many offer healthy organic ingredients markets. Stay away from the suspicious markets and always opt for homegrown ingredients. Fruits and

Johnson & Johnson admits: Our baby products contain cancer-causing formaldehyde

Parents around the world were surprised to learn that no more tears baby shampoo containing Johnson & Johnson formaldehyde, which has been shown to cause cancer and is best known for its use in embalming corpses. But to find out what

How to grow okra seed easily at home

If you like okra, you may want to grow yourself at home. Once you have your own supply of okra, you can do all you want gumbo or fried in a little butter for a delicious feast, and use it to

This is for everyone who continues eating at McDonalds (even if they will not admit it!)

Have you ever suspected that the foods you think you’re eating is far from she? For example, did you know you are probably eating beetles crushed and duck feathers or your favorite fast food sandwich? we bet better read this article

6 beautiful plants that naturally repel mosquitoes

There is nothing worse than sitting outside enjoying the beautiful weather and the sight of his big back yard only to be eaten alive by mosquitoes. These pesky insects have a way to ruin a perfectly good time. Not only fashionable

WARNING! Do you even know what kind of milk you drink ‘and the numbers on the packaging mean?!?

Have you noticed the numbers on the bottoms of milk cartons? If so, you know its meaning? This is not a silly question, since those numbers are not just added randomly, but its hidden meaning can be more than just interesting.

The real dangers of eating Nutella

What to do when your sweet tooth kicks in, but you are trying to watch your weight? You could completely ignore your craving for sweets (good luck with that!), Or you could try to meet with something that is sweet, but

Keep your phone in your pocket? Stop It Now – The consequences could be deadly

We all love our brand new smartphones. But how much do we really know about the risks associated with its use? Russian doctors and the League Health Organization’s Office warn that the phones are more dangerous to our health than we