Pineberries – white delicious strawberries with pineapple flavor. Here is how to grow

How to grow pineberries

The word “Pineberry” is a fusion of the words “pineapple” and “strawberry” and refers a relatively new form of pale pink or pale orange white strawberry cultivar is adorned with red achenes. Like modern garden strawberry ( Fragaria x ananassa ), the Pineberry is a hybrid of wild strawberry in South America Fragaria chiloensis , which grows wild in some parts of Chile, and strawberry North America Fragaria virginiana . The Pineberry fruit is the result of crossbreeding, not genetic engineering as said by some.

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Plants Carolina Pineberry – 10 Roots -Bareroot-Pineapple / Strawberry Flavour In fact, the variety of specific strawberry whose genetic contribute to the surprising appearance of Pineberry was “rescued” by a group of Dutch farmers. They discovered the source material in France. They did not find and rescue the Pineberry of extinction in the rainforest of Chile, as some have claimed. After six years of selection of plants and crops, plant vigor and quality of plants Pineberry improved, and the decision to initiate the growth of them it was for commercial production.

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The fruit produced by Pineberry plants is very aromatic and taste that most say is reminiscent of pineapple while retaining the texture and the feeling of a strawberry. The Pineberry, strawberry or pineapple, is more of a novelty today. They produced on a very small scale in Europe and Belize and are not very profitable due to the small size of the pineberries (large pineberries are less than an inch [2.54 cm] large) and the underperformance of the Pineberry plants (see videos below to better assess the size of the berries).

How to grow pineberries

Courtesy of cut grass, plant it, cultivate it.

How To Plant

  • Prepare the soil by digging more, removing perennial weeds and adding manure.
  • Pineberry Place plants every 30cm in rows that are 30 cm away.
  • plant with the crown at ground level and well water.
  • Checking plants every two days during the ripening period.
  • regularly hoe between the rows and individual plants.

care Pineberries

  • From May straw place in the ranks and in the fruit to remove weeds and prevent fruit on the floor. This also keeps at bay the snails!
  • If you can not get straw polyethylene sheets use.
  • well-rotted horse manure applied right after winter and again just before cultivating ensure a great harvest.
  • Choose regularly to stimulate growth.

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