Changing the color of the hydrangeas like magic

Changing the color of the hydrangeas like magic ;

How To Change The Color Of Your Hydrangeas Like Magic

hydrangeas, the popular garden shrub with delicate flowers in pink, white and blue, is more fascinating than it seems.


Because the flowers of this beautiful plant have the ability to dramatically change color.

Perhaps you’ve already noticed a change in color on their own bewildering bushes and could not find out why.

Well, the secret behind his qualities chameleon is quite simple – is soil pH

And now we know that the ability to change. hydrangeas to suit your garden is well within your control. It is more difficult than a science experiment school, although it requires a little more dedication and patience.

If growing your hydrangeas in containers or want to change from pink to blue, will be a little easier than those who want to change from blue to pink. Naturally, container gardening it means you have much more control over the pH and the condition of your soil.

However, if you have white or cream hydrangeas , sorry – you’re stuck with them, their color can not normally be altered. If you’re lucky, at the end of the season you may see some pink tint, but that’s all.

Change hydrangeas from pink to blue

How To Change The Color Of Your Hydrangeas Like Magic

If you want your hydrangeas to take on that beautiful shine and color, blue-violet are known, then you need to make your soil acidic. This allows the aluminum in the soil to be released to their flowers, helping them acquire a blue tone.

First, check the pH of your soil to see how easy it will be below the required level – you will be looking at a pH of around 5.2 to 5.5 for the blooms blue

If the soil pH is quite high, it may be better to accept your pretty pink. Otherwise, you can acidify the soil by adding certain substances to it. While there are special products on the market that lower the pH, a natural way is always better … but it does require a little more time.

The use of organic fertilizer will help acidify the soil, and is also quite benefit for microbial life and improving the quality of your soil. Try one made of pine bark, pine needles, sawdust, citrus peels , vegetable peelings or coffee grounds . It’s a great way to get rid of kitchen waste too.

If you are seeing no results the following year, you may also need to add some aluminum on the floor-you can buy products to help you do this.

Change hydrangeas blue to pink

The change from blue to pink means you have to stop aluminum in the soil to be available for hydrangeas. By all accounts, this is a little more difficult than going from pink to blue, but you can do! You will have to raise the pH level to prevent the roots take aluminum. Try to maintain a pH of about 6.0 to 6.2.

While conventional methods recommend the use of lime to raise the pH slowly for a few months, natural options such as land crab or oysters, crushed eggshells or wood ashes they are also very effective.

What is exactly what I do?

  • operate these natural products on the ground at the base of the plant fairly regularly to affect the pH change.
  • measure the pH of your water too -. Although this could be enough to shake the delicate balance that is working so hard to achieve
  • Be sure to check the pH of your soil over time to see if their efforts are paying off.
  • Be patient – you will not see a color change until next year

Other information

  • While you can. be able to change the color of the flowers, it may not be so lucky change the current of that color. This can often be down to hereditary factors and weather conditions.
  • Some soil can only be too alkaline or too acidic to change naturally. Do not get frustrated if the color change does not happen. You could also plant a few in containers as you will have much more control over your soil pH levels.
  • hydrangeas plantation near concrete can make it difficult to get blue flowers -. Lime can seep out of the concrete, which affects soil pH

So that’s it – the simple secret behind changing the color of the hydrangeas. Good luck !

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