15 Amazing Health Benefits silica

Benefits of Silica
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Silica is one of the most important minerals required by our body to make bones powerful and defend osteoarthritis. It is found naturally on nails. The reason for perfect and beautiful and soft skin nails in children is the presence of silica in your body. As you get older, their quantity in the body trim. Therefore, it is important to silica food intake. The silica is found mainly in potatoes, barley, wheat bran, almonds, peanuts and oats. Silica also plays a key role in the preservation of collagen, which, in turn, keeps the skin healthy and glowing. Because of their incredible contribution to improving its magnificence, which is also known as “beauty mineral”. Some of the health benefits and beauty of silica present.

Health Benefits silica

1. Avoid bone deformities

Silicon is considered essential for the maintenance and development of bones and joints. It plays a vital role in the induction of elasticity and flexibility of the bones by increasing the amount of collagen. Collagen is the protein component that instills in the bones. Silicon is also useful in the frequent healing bone fractures and dislocations. It is essential for skeletal health in general.

2. Improves joint function

silica supplements can be extremely useful in improving joint flexibility, as they reinforce the connective tissues. The silica also reduces pain and swelling in the joints. elasticity and helps joints bend increases, turn and stretch.

3. Avoid atherosclerosis

Atherosclerosis is the condition in which the arteries begin to become clogged with hard plate. Blocked arteries obstruct blood flow and oxidize cholesterol. Studies have shown that silicon reduces the risk of atherosclerosis.

4. cure cellulite

The lack of collagen in the body causes cellulite. Silica, which is rich in collagen, strengthens ligaments and tendons, and treat cellulite .

5. Prevents aluminum toxicity

The accumulation of aluminum in the body results in aluminum toxicity. Silica possessing the properties of heavy metal detoxification therefore acts as an excellent remedy for aluminum intoxication. It is minimizing the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

6. Digestive system remains in the pink

silica and supplements support the digestive system and regulate its proper functioning. It helps maintain the welfare of tissues and reduces inflammation of the stomach. It also helps in healing ulcers, diarrhea and constipation .

7. Good for the heart

Silica is an essential element to keep your cardiovascular system healthy. arterial plaque buildup is avoided check the obstruction of blood vessels.

8. Strengthens the immune system

Silica has the alkalizing property that is important as poor dietary choices result in the acidic environment within the body that ultimately it affects the immune system and causes a disease. The silica also makes antibodies and antigens that are required to maintain a healthy immune system.

9. wound heals

Silica is a part of collagen; therefore it has enormous healing properties. You can quickly heal burns, wounds and scars .

10. Maintains body flexibility

Silica maintains the elasticity of collagen in cartilage, tendons and other connective tissues. It reduces pain and ensures flexibility of the body.

11. Hormonal balance

The silica is responsible for promoting an appropriate balance between calcium and magnesium in the body. This balance prevents osteoporosis body.

Beauty Benefits silica

12. Anti-aging

for a young and supple skin, should include silica-rich foods in your diet, such as horsetail extract, red beet, millet, barley, potatoes and oats. It is compatible with collagen to maintain its elasticity, thus maintaining lines at bay.

13. Used to treat acne

silica combats mild to moderate acne by removing toxins, increasing the production of collagen and tissue reconstruction connectives. good health of cells in the outer layer of the skin is ensured.

14. Prevents brittle nails

This mineral enhances the quality of nails so they do not break easily. Moreover, silica supplements are essential to remove streaks and spots on nails. silica transfers all the essential nutrients to the nails and improves their appearance.

15. promotes hair growth

embellishes silica filaments, giving shine and softness. Also treats related ailments hair-like, alopecia, or hair thinning. hair vitality is maintained, providing all essential components for the hair follicle.

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