Exercise ideas for winter

3 Ideas For Exercise In The Winter
To be honest, I could be happy all winter curled up next to the wood stove, without taking a step outside. But this is impractical and unhealthy. So I created some disciplines in my life I receive my old, tired body movement and some fresh air into the lungs. There are also plenty of things to start moving that do not. So here are some ideas for exercises for winter:

Using exercise equipment

Because I’m a proud miser, I can not understand why people go to spend money on gym memberships when you can buy a piece of equipment for the basement or spare room that will do the same. Personally, I do not have a basement or a guest room. But I have the smallest bike you can buy at the end of the hall. If the winter weather prevents you from getting out, getting into that piece of equipment. Walking, running, or walking a couple miles a few days a week to get your heart rate and lung function. Then, when spring arrives, there was struggling to walk through the park with his son.

Move your body

Get out of the chair and move. Everything has a remote control today TVs, DVD players, stereos and. It is no longer attached to the wall, we took our phones in our pockets. They are even recliners equipped with refrigerators in the arms so that not even have to get up during commercial breaks for a cold drink. For the person sitting behind a desk all day, these facilities do not do us any favors. Way to move your body.

Remove the dog

We have a small dog that needs to be walked on a leash. It’s so easy for you to ask a child to take the dog when he has to go. But if I go out with the dog, I benefit too. I not only accompany him to the hill and back into the house. When the little puppy is with your business, we walked through the garden, we visit the goat, and we have more than a few minutes of fresh air. If you do not have a pet that forces you to go outdoors, be another reason. Walk around the block or neighbor.

Some other ideas that would benefit from couch potato winter are:

  • Use the stairs if you work in an office building, using the stairs instead of the elevator. Even if you took only the first flights, you are doing better than if you do not use the stairs at all.
  • Use an exercise video -and you like dancing, kicking, or stretching, there is a DVD to encourage it. Pop one of those on the player after work instead of watching television programs nonsense.
  • out of the house -Walk in an indoor location like a mall or high school. If you need accountability, join a walking group or find a partner to go with you a few days a week. You can also swim in the indoor pool, ice rink on a deck, or take a class or aerobics.

In the winter you may forget to drink our water. Remember that it is so important to stay hydrated in the winter as in the summer. Also, stretching is more critical in the cold as our muscles tend to cramp more and is easier to pull a muscle. Your body needs a workout in the winter months, as well as in the summer. So go out and try these ideas for winter exercises.

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