11 Fun Fitness Activities To Exercise Without Realizing It

fun fitness activities for all

This fun activities guide fitness will give you practical and fun ideas that promote physical activity . These activities are fun for all ages and can be performed in alternative spaces such as hallways, classrooms or outdoors (and indoors when you do not have access to a gym or the weather outside is terrible.)

1. Discover outdoors

If the weather is great, take the whole family out for a bike ride. This type of physical activity fun is great for bonding with children. You can use a circuit around the lake or the beach or go for tested and where there is no traffic trails. Adults can also sign up for themed rides and races, especially in the summer or during the holidays. Make sure all drivers and riders not wearing a helmet.

2. Try different activities

cycle may not be to everyone’s taste. So you should try different fitness activities for adults and children before he can concentrate on the person you love. For example, you can contact the local community fitness, set a touch football game or a running event and involve all members of the community. You can also walk or walk with a group.

3. Skiing

Skiing is one of the best fun fitness activities for adults and children. Even if you do not live in a snowy area, you can take a vacation to the nearest ski station. Many hotels also offer packages that include lessons. Start with lower speeds and slopes and progress to the most treacherous. This is one of the best ways to get fit.

4. ice skating outdoors

Another of the best fitness fun games for adults and children during the winter season is ice skating. These days, the ice rinks are still present in the city during the warmer months. Take advantage of these to beat the heat and get fit in the process.

5. Ideas station suitability for children

Parents, teachers or coaches can use following the ideas of fitness stations to establish fun physical activities for children in high school.

  • fitness station. 1: Follow the leader (slides, swings and use of playgrounds outdoor), skipping 10 times above and below (pass), freeze tag
  • station2 Fitness: Mountain climbers (for above equipment), push-ups and push-ups inclined at a bar, standing vertical jumps to stick a tape on the wall as high as the child can, obstacle courses, etc.
  • Fitness pectoral circuits-, step ups, pull ups, walking beam, push-tilt, body locks, and stretching exercises.
  • Child triathlon- For young children involved, make getting into a small / baby pool, use a three-wheeler and ride back to the pool and then swim to the finish line.

6. Rayuela Basic

Another great activity for children and adults, use chalk to draw the trial court hopscotch on the pavement and start moving.

7. I Spy

This is a fun activity to play with the children indoors on a rainy day fitness. You can say I see something green-give the child a few minutes to detect and go and touch it. You can make the jump, jump or gallop children instead of running to find the object.

8. Snake in the Grass

Use rubber ropes or chains like snakes to hide in the grass. When you yell ‘snake in the grass’, children need to find snakes.

9. Label

Tag is a wonderful game fitness to play with children of all ages. You can also vary this game by using the shadow tag, laser tag, water labels, etc.

10. Fly kites and balloons

This is one of the best activities to include in your list of fitness activities for windy days. You can fly the kite with your kids in a park or even have children play with balloons across the garden.

11. Use as portable gym playground your child

You can use the following fitness activities fun in a playground your child where the child can play while exercise as follows:

  • Run up and down the slide 5 times
  • as a period of rest, push your child on the swing
  • do chin ups on parallel bars
  • knock some push-ups on the beam or slide. If your little one is young and light, he / she feels on her back while you do pushups.
  • goal jumping in banks or racing around the playground or racing back home.

In order to get the whole family in these fitness activities, should also integrate some fun and healthy food with them. For example, your child will love racing bikes difficult if s / he associates with delicious smoothies or healthy and tasty treats that serve later. Even during the holidays, make sure you delicious comfort food that is also healthy is prepared. This will also help you focus on what is important, spending time with loved ones in a healthy way. Let us know your own short list of fitness activities for summers and winters in the comments below!

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