20 Reasons why it is not surprising weight loss

Obesity and weight control go hand in hand. The problem is weight gain is going through an important section of the total world population. inadequate dietary habits combined with unhealthy lifestyle can cause sturdiness. In order to control weight effectively and get rid of health problems based on weight, understanding of the causes of weight gain is a must for everyone.

Sometimes, even after working hard and give up all those junk and fried food, you can not shed the pounds desired number. Have you ever tried to find out the reasons for this failure? Well, only after knowing the cause of fat, you will be able to reduce quickly. Here are some surprising reasons why you are not losing weight rather than long term.

1. Improper diet

Do you know that your body can earn up to 5 pounds in one day if you follow a diet plan incorrectly? Inadequate or irregular diet is the key reason for the rapid weight gain or weight loss disturbed. Therefore, to have a closer control your diet and talk to a good nutritionist about altering it. When you are dieting, do not cut the intake of calories, rather than be a slow and steady process as a cutting just 200 calories a day, and then for weeks, increase for approximately 700-1000 calories in a day.

2. Excess fluid

Drink plenty of water and other juices also increase your weight. Do not drink more than 8 glasses to 2 liters of water in a day. Increasing fluid intake in the swelling of organs and rapid weight gain of body water.

3. fiber and protein consumption

Fruit diet is good, but some fruits are rich in fiber that can let you feel thirst or hunger. Fiber needs more water and less time to digest. In this way, you can get to overeat fruit or juice to quench your thirst and hunger. Bad fat protein also accumulates in your body, so avoid red meat and gorge on high protein foods.

4. Lack of physical activity

Do you lead a sedentary lifestyle all day? Then, this routine can also slow your weight loss. Your body needs sufficient physical activities such as walking or running, so sweat and burn unwanted calories faster. Following right kind of training and exercises like yoga, aerobics, dancing and zumba, you can cut up to 7 pounds in one week.

5. Supplements goes wrong

Sometimes a few weight loss dietary supplement that regular intake of people also increase their weight five times instead of reducing . Always seek proper guidance from dietitians and doctors before following any weight loss supplement.

6. Stress

Stress increases the body weight and fat accumulates in the wrong areas of your body such as the abdomen, the muscles in the calves and buttocks. Weight gain due to stress is very difficult to control. If you think you are stressed or exhausted, then find a quick solution to overcome it.

7. Carbohydrates

Excessive intake of carbohydrates can also slow down the process of losing weight. Carbohydrates lead to organ swelling and excessive weight gain. So avoid eating too much of foods rich in carbohydrates.

8. The inconsistency

fits into the best gym in the city and are scheduled to it for a month, but later usually stops be as honest with your fitness trainer and training. This lack of consistency in following a workout or a diet weight loss may also slow weight loss in a person.

9. The sexual life

If your physical relationship is not so great with your partner, there may be a delay in shedding those extra pounds. Stay active in your sex life because it contributes to rapid weight loss.

10. Eat nuts and dried fruit

One can eat nuts and dried fruits regularly, even if you are following a strict weight loss diet. However, excessive swallowing of these oleaginous nuts with dried fruit adds to the body weight instantly. The calories gained by eating nuts are very difficult to reduce.

11. Do not go for Regular

Following a diet weight loss and do not check up on the amount that is reducing too bad. This stops the process of weight gain as they assume and reduce the same amount of weight each month.

12. Exercising on an empty stomach

Understand that exercising on an empty stomach may reduce the faster muscle weight and not fat. In fact, exercise on an empty stomach can boost the production of a stress hormone called cortisol.

13. Using the same training

Taking your dog for a walk 30 minutes a day is not at all an exercise or workout. Gradually increase your workout such as walking for 60 minutes, running, jogging, etc. Similarly, changing the course of the year if you see your weight loss is very slow.

14. More training

working hard and overtrain also decreases the chance of weight loss. It is a surprising fact that overtraining increases your body weight instead of working for the other side.

15. Beware small bites

You can be walking down the fridge and think -. “Chewing that little piece of broccoli or small chicken wing does damage to your weight loss “But your guess is completely wrong. This habit snacking can contribute to rapid weight gain over a period of time. Therefore, quit snacking often, even if only small bites and one sip.

16. Mindless Eating

habit mindless eating more sugary or carbonated drinks is one of the key reasons why we are not losing weight. Have control over what you eat. And double check that you do not eat jumbo portions at any meal. Get a plate portion control, in order to avoid over-eating. Thus, one can eat less and only recommended number of calories. A loss diet ideal weight should have the same amount of fat, protein, carbohydrates and other essential nutrients in it.

17. Fast Unhealthy and accessories Food

Check if your food is free of unhealthy additions like cheese, protein and processed meat. Any addition to unhealthy food can ruin your weight loss plan. Take a simple appetizer of fried junk food or on their way back home from the office is the most dangerous habit. This practice not only the process of weight loss slows down, but also changed their whole metabolism. When someone passes through diet weight loss, it is natural to feel hungry shorter. Try to have soups, boiled lentils and, as a quick snack instead of going for fried foods or processed.

18. Skipping meals

Skipping meals in the name of diet or weight loss actually has a negative impact. People who skip meals tend to gain weight faster than those who eat at regular intervals. When people end up eating less than three meals in a day, they tend to eat more. Thus, there will be an increase in total calorie intake that leads him to put on lots of weight.

19. Lack of sufficient sleep

Inadequate sleep can also cause weight gain. Many researchers found that those who sleep less than five hours in a day, gain weight faster than people who sleep for more than seven hours in a day. Our body is designed so it needs adequate rest each day. We must take a break every 4 hours.

20. Medical Condition

Sometimes, medical conditions such as thyroid can also lead to weight gain. Few women with polycystic ovaries and irregular periods are also facing problems in losing weight. Any medical condition that affects the metabolism of your body can also help increase unequal weight. Some medications for certain diseases can also cause weight gain as a side effect.

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