18 best tips and tricks for diet and weight loss

The sun is shining, the birds are singing … just by looking out the window you can see that we’re one step away from winter and a step closer to the summer, every day. This is great news as we will be leaving our jackets and sweaters and leave our tanks and shorts. Unfortunately, not everyone succeeded in taking care of your body during the cold season, thinking that we can cover our extra pounds with thick clothing. Now we can not fool ourselves, we have to start planning for the diet and take immediate action if we want to rock a DBO beach this summer. The Internet is full of ideas about diets, some work, some do not. Instead of stacking diet plans, we decided to present the ultimate guide to help you lose weight in a healthy way. In this way, you can test various types of diets, taking into account these tips. You should be aware that our proposals are in no particular order, so you can easily carry out all or your choice. So here are the top 18 tips and tricks for diet and weight loss; hopefully we try and enjoy fantastic results!


While seeking to shed off some pounds, never underestimate the power of a healthy breakfast. Despite our continuing lack of time pushes us to skip breakfast in order to arrive on time at work or school, this food is literally the most important day. A well thought out breakfast provide the energy necessary for it to carry out its day successfully and stay on track with your diet.

The fibers are a must if you want to have the right mindset to lose weight. Foods that are rich in fiber that give the impression that you are full, so you will easily avoid overeating. You can find fiber in a few types of food, ranging from oats, pasta and rice, peas or beans. Of course, fruits and vegetables are also loaded with fiber because they come from plants, so they can enjoy them for their dose of fiber as well.

Speaking of fruits, you should really consider replacing the bags of chips or chocolate bar with them. In a snack of fruit of your choice between meals not only help overcome hunger, but also serve the tasty treat that has been craving. Just drag an apple, banana or orange when you leave the house so you will not be tempted to hit the corner store to buy something, probably unhealthy during your break at work.

Remember the book virtually exploded around the world a few years ago, “The Secret”? Well it’s no secret any longer that the golden rule is thoroughly described in the book serves as an excellent tip and trick to respect your diet and reach your dream weight. Yes, we are talking about positivity. That means that you eliminate any negative word vocabulary (such as “overweight”, “fat”, “chubby” or “can not”), and replace them with positive words that will keep you busy (such as “fit”, “healthy “,” thin “,” may “). The psychological effects of this method are amazing, so keep this secret account.

not become a couch potato! Shut off the television and take a walk outdoors, you can not see how beautiful it is out? Studies show that the more hours you spend in front of your TV, most likely to snack on junk food. In fact, the National Weight Control Registry reported that 62% discount on people who had lost 66 lbs had limited their TV time to less than ten hours each week. So let go of the remote and get your sneakers!

really can not stress enough the impact of protein in their diet. Apart from the fact that the protein is awesome for burning fat is number for the satiety the only element. Along with fiber, protein helps satisfy their yearning and hunger in no time. In fact, nutritionists encourage dieters to consume together. Pack your refrigerator with health proteins to use, such as cheese, beans, seafood or yogurt and you’re good to go.

A well planned diet is the key to successful weight loss. Many people tend to skip meals in order to lose weight, but you should know that this is certainly not a solution. Try a weekly plan for your meals, including snacks between breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is not recommended to starve or stay hungry, because it will be increasingly tempted to move away from its initial plan. Be organized!

One of the best tips from nutritionists for a healthy diet is not to consume too much salt. Studies show that modern American eats twice as much salt in a day than you should regularly. Excess salt leads to swelling and weight gain, and increased appetite. It is highly recommended that the amount of sodium you consume daily to enjoy the results of their work are reduced.

Is your refrigerator and pantry filled with chips, chocolate and soft drinks? So take them out! Experts say that people trying to lose weight are more likely to snack on junk food if available in your home. Instead, place all fattening foods with super healthy snacks such as vegetables, fruits, corn and popcorn natural homemade juice again.

Planning a proper diet is required to lose weight, but exercise is so critical for visible results. Even if you do not have time to exercise for hours a day, try to do some simple exercises every day and be sure to walk as much as you can. The exercise little extra effort goes a long way when you want to get fit and live a healthy life.

Speaking of exercise, you should know that taking long pauses between exercises is definitely a-no, not for successful weight loss. If you are pumping and burning calories like there’s no tomorrow, make sure that most of rest between exercises is 30 seconds. Not only help you stay active and complete the training, it will also help you burn those unwanted calories.

Yes, “Water!” With an exclamation point. That’s exactly how essential water use is when you are dieting. To lose weight, you need to be well hydrated at all times. Nutritionists recommend 6 to 8 glasses of water a day (that’s about 1.2 liters), adding a little more if you are working out or if the temperature rises in the area where you live. Moreover, water has proven to satisfy hunger, so drink a glass when asked her tummy for nutrition.

You will be surprised to see the effect of its weight smaller portions. This means not only eating smaller amounts of food, but also place them in smaller plates to trick your mind. If you are eating in a restaurant, order your food in raising size so you will not be tempted to eat more than they should.

I’m sorry to tell you, ladies, but eating and drinking is a big no-no if you are planning to lose weight. Studies show that a single glass of wine packs as many calories as a piece of chocolate. Uff! Even if you can not avoid drinks with the girls at the weekend, at least try to drink a lot less than before.

A bowl of hot vegetable soup before your main dish is a perfect point to maintain a healthy diet. Which not only it consumed more calories, but also will hydrate your body and lose the feeling of being hungry. Make sure the soup is low in calories, however, because it will not have the same opposite effect.

You can never go wrong with eating vegetables instead of other fattening foods. Try to incorporate as many vegetables as possible in your diet, even use them as snacks between meals. Research by the American Dietetic Association shows that up to 200 calories can be saved if you switch pulp vegetables in your meal. Go green, girls!

This tip and trick is as important as it is obvious. Although you may come home late from work, make sure you enjoy your meal at least three hours before going to bed at night. This also means that you should bite of junk food while watching the movie before bed. Sorry girls, is a sacrifice that must be made if you want the body of your dreams.

Last but not least, sleep is required if you want to keep fit and have a healthy lifestyle. If you sleep 6-8 hours every night, you will be well rested and your stomach will be satisfied. Try as much as you can to have a normal sleep pattern without losing nights and private become of the rest you need.


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