8 Natural Ways safe and effective underarm whitening

8 Natural Ways safe and effective underarm whitening ;

8 Effective And Safe Natural Ways To Whiten Underarm

While removing underarm hair it is easy, which often end up gaining nothing big because of the ugly dark spots that remain covering our armpits. It becomes a literal nuisance and have almost no chance to flaunt sleeveless dresses with those patches that cover our armpits. Therefore; if faced with similar problems with their armpits and has already turned frustrated after using a lot of over-the-counter underarm whitening products, it is time for the help of some of these natural remedies mentioned below to be taken whiten dark underarms . These are safe and effective, and are also quite easily available in our kitchens

Here are some safe natural and effective ways to whiten underarms :.


Potato being a natural bleaching agent helps whiten the blackened armpits and also without causing skin irritation. An enzyme present in potatoes, known as catecholase lend potatoes their bleaching properties and the best aspect of using potatoes for the purpose bleaching is that unlike other bleaching agents, potatoes do not irritate or burn skin or damage in any way . To use potato whitening underarms, simply cut a medium-sized potato in half and rub the cut side on the armpits. Repeat for a month or two to get effective and visible results.



lemon is another good natural remedy for underarm whitening. Lemon is a source of vitamin C and vitamin C has the natural ability to whiten the skin. Therefore; Lemon is often treated as a useful remedy for underarm whitening and it is due to their effectiveness is still one of the most popular natural ways of whitening dark underarms . Lemon can be put to use for this purpose by rubbing lemon halves directly on the armpits. Nevertheless; care should be taken not to repeat the process more than twice a day for more than 5 minutes a day so strong acidic lime can irritate and dry the skin.


milk and honey

Milk also has properties natural whitening and when combined with the honey, the mixture may prove to be of great help to whiten dark underarms. This is because, armpits may also darken due to over-dry and dry skin can make it harder to remove the dark underarms. This problem can be easily treated with moisturizing agents like milk and honey. Therefore; if the underarm skin has become very dry and hard due to waxing or shaving regular wax, make sure you use this natural resource and repeat it at least three times or four times a week.

Milk And Honey

Coconut oil

Another easy method to get rid of the dryness of the armpit and darkness is massage the armpits regularly with coconut oil. Coconut oil not only fight the darkness, but will also help to match the skin tone of the armpits.

Coconut Oil

Orange Peel

dark armpits can also be bleached quite easily by washing with clean orange peel. Orange peel works because of the same reason, because the lime works, that is, due to vitamin C content of oranges. Nevertheless; The other reason exfoliating orange peel seems to work is because it is an exfoliant. Exfoliating scrub regularly with orange peel rid the axils of dead cells, the surface of that whiter new, healthy cells mode.

Orange Peel Paste


Turmeric has skin whitening properties and is due to these properties that turmeric can be successfully used to whiten dark underarms. Make a paste by grinding the whole turmeric powder and then mix the soil with rose water and a few drops of milk. Apply the paste on the armpits and let the mask dry for 10-15 minutes. Rinse with water and follow the procedure every day.


chickpea flour

A skin mask prepared by mixing chickpea flour with little bit of ground and rosewater helps whiten dark underarms turmeric in almost no time. You will notice the results in just a few days after application of the mask on the skin. Aside from skin whitening properties chickpea flour, but also helps to moisturize the skin and minimizes sweat production by reducing skin pores.

Gram Flour

milk and saffron

saffron is a resource that is trusted for whitening and reviving the skin glow for centuries. Women belonging to the rich and real part of the companies have been known to bathe in milk and saffron mixture bath due to the properties of skin brightening saffron and milk. Therefore; You can also use the mixture to get rid of unwanted dark spot armpits. Just take a few strands of saffron in hot milk overnight and apply the mixture with a cotton ball. Repeat every day for effective results.

Milk And Saffron

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