5 Ways to prevent computer vision syndrome

The latest digital technology most of their time crossbar. Many of us tend to spend long hours working with computers and laptops. Many jobs can be performed with the aid of the single computer. Therefore, the use of the computer is not an option, which is in fact a necessary condition. Incessant looking at computers can lead to various eye disorders. People who spend time in front of computers are at greater risk of being affected by the Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS). CVS symptoms include redness, itching and dry. You may also notice blurred double vision once affected by CVS. In addition, frequent headaches are common in the CVS. By adopting some measures that these symptoms can be alleviated easily.

Here are 5 ways to prevent computer vision syndrome

1. flashes

Flashing is the automatic response of our body that helps protect the eyes from irritants. The eye blinking offers many advantages. Unfortunately, people are glued to computers forget to blink more often. As a result, they suffer from various eye disorders. Normally, for every three to four seconds flashing happens automatically. However, when we stare at the computer screen, this time period is increased due to increased levels of stress that is placed on the approach. Consequently, dry eyes and itchy eyes are irritated. Therefore, in order to prevent eye disorders, make sure to blink at least five seconds.


2. Eye exercises

This is another best way to avoid CSV. You need to exercise to keep your body healthy and fit. This is a well known fact. However, even the eyes require some type of exercise. Many ignore this fact. It is necessary to perform eye exercises regularly in order to keep your vision healthy and clear eye. Eye rolling and focuses on the distance and near objects are some of the best eye exercises that can help reduce stress levels eyes. By performing eye exercises, you are assured with healthy eyes.

Eye Exercises

3. Take breaks

Take breaks in the middle of your work can help keep the strain causing CSV. Take a break between screen time and look at the green trees of the window. This is an effective way to prevent CSV. In addition, walking outdoors and breathe some fresh air helps prevent CSV. Stay home for a long time the view is also subjected. frequent breaks are needed to increase the resistance of eyes to better concentrate on work and helps reduce the risk of being affected by CSV. Therefore, make a point to take a break for at least one hour.

Take Breaks

4. Use anti-glare glasses

make use of anti-glare glasses that help minimize the effect of CSV. These glasses are made exclusively to manage the stress that can occur due to the brightness and contrast of the screen. In fact, the use of anti-glare glasses is essential for people working in front of computers.

Use Anti-Glare Glasses

5. Adjust the room lighting

The lighting in the space or environment plays an important role in reducing eye strain. If you are working in a dark room focuses on the computer, your eyes are at greater risk of being affected by various eye disorders. In addition, the backlight of the room should not be too bright, because it might reflect on the screen of your computer. You have to adjust the lighting in your workspace accordingly, keeping in view the health of your eyes.

Adjust Lighting Of Your Room

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