5 Easy home remedies to prevent allergies

5 Easy home remedies to prevent allergies ;

5 Easy Home Remedies To Prevent Allergies

allergies affect different types of different people. For some it is TH pollen during the summer and spring you get sneezing while for others the slightest trace of dust eyes and red nose gets. But in most cases, rules or remedies to prevent and treat allergies remain constant. Here are some easy and simple home remedies that will help prevent and minimize the impact of allergens and allergies

following easy to prevent allergies home remedies:


When speaking of probiotics one of the first things that comes to mind is yogurt or curd. This is one of the richest probiotics, found in every home. Make sure you have at least 2 cups each day to strengthen and boost the immune system. Remember that good bacteria fight bad bacteria here.


Vitamin C

oranges, lemon, fresh tamarind or lime or grapefruit. These are all ingredients that are rich in vitamin C, which helps keep allergies away. So the next time a runny nose or mucus due to pollens is achieved, not just rush to the doctor. Still have loads of vitamin C for quick and speedy recovery.

Vitamin C

Fish oil or cod liver

fish oil or cod liver oil, it is even one of the home remedies suggested for strengthening immunity. You can have a daily dose of capsules available to ensure that allergies stay away. Remember that if you do not have access to cod liver oil, you can also opt for a diet rich in fish because it contains healthy fats to combat allergies.

Fish Or Cod Liver Oil


Onions are rich in an ingredient called quercetin, which is basically a bioflavonoid derived from onions. This helps relieve the symptoms of allergies, such as runny nose, watery eyes or itchy eyes. It is best known for allergies such as colds, flu, sinusitis, etc. You can have it as raw material for a break.


Keep household dust mold and free

a free home free mold or dust is possible only with regular cleaning and vacuuming is your best friend. All traces of mold and pollen related allergens are served with a little vacuuming regularly, wash sheets and allowing more sunlight into your home. If you do, you keep all airborne allergens at bay, and help you stay allergy free as well. Be sure to keep a doormat near the door to prevent excess dust from entering the house.

Keep Home Dust and Mould Free

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