20 Methods for healthy weight gain

20 Methods for healthy weight gain ;

Some of the most recommended methods for healthy weight gain include weightlifting, drink less water, eat more meals, eliminating junk food, drink a glass of wine before meals, calculating calorie intake base, taking dietary supplements, and many more.

When most people talk about gaining weight, ie, with a decidedly negative tone, such as obesity and subsequent health problems are so serious problem in modern culture. However, there is a smaller proportion of the population struggling with being too thin for a variety of reasons. Disease or injury can cause extreme weight loss, while some people simply want to increase their presence or physical size, perhaps as an athlete trying to develop a physical advantage. Obviously around us, gaining weight obesity is fairly easy, but weight gain at a healthy weight is a bit more of a challenge.

Our bodies require a certain amount of calories and nutrient intake, and if we have too much or too little, then we become obese or underweight, respectively. This simple relationship is the reason why most people think that dieting is the end all be all solution for losing and gaining weight. However, lifestyle choices also play an important role in how our body stores fat, metabolizes nutrients, and manages our weight.

A healthy balance of changes in the lifestyle and dietary habits can help gain mass without lowering your overall health with chronic problems associated with unhealthy weight gain and obesity. Sometimes, loss of appetite can also cause weight loss. Research suggests that the umami taste inrceases satiety and improves appetite.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the best methods for healthy weight gain.

20 Methods for healthy weight gain

1) drink wine at every meal – wine has a curious property of inducing appetite; Therefore, if you want to have a healthy appetite before a meal, a glass of wine is always a good option, especially because wine is also rich in antioxidants and tannins that will improve their immune system and protect your health, while to stimulate weight gain.

2) Weightlifting – While cardiovascular exercise does help to strengthen the muscles, but can also cause weight loss. However, weightlifting is a way to convert their extra weight in lean body mass, which weighs more than fat. It is also much healthier and increases your metabolism to have the additional muscle mass. Weight lifting is one of the best ways to improve your health and help increase your body mass.

weightgain 3) drink less water – Water may be the elixir of life for humans, but also very good to fill a lot and even ruin your appetite times. While a certain amount of water is essential health, try not to overdo the water consumption between meals when attempting to perform a great job, because the water will not contribute to weight permanently only water as a temporary weight before micturition.

4) Eat after exercise – When your body is functioning at a high level, blood is pumping, and your metabolism is at its peak, eat a big meal can actually be a perfect way to optimize nutrient intake and make the most of your calorie intake, while your body can process the calories quickly.

5) Eat larger – If you’re used to a certain portion size, make a conscious effort to increase slightly. Do not go overboard, but if the other option is to snack on later, it will be a good choice for just eat larger meals. Three large meals is recommended and two healthy snacks to increase weight gain in most people.


6) chewing food – By making sure you chew all foods correctly, optimize the digestive system and ensure that you get all the calories possible, instead of losing them in your digestive tract and in the trash.

7) more meals – Another view in terms of portion size and frequency is to have 5 or 6 small meals throughout the day. This view, as well as three big meals and two healthy snacks, are both valid for healthy weight gain options, depending on what you choose to eat at meals!

8) Add yogurt to your diet – yogurt is not only high in calories, but is also a great source of probiotic bacteria, which can help the digestive system your body stay healthy and can optimize your nutrient intake to ensure that weight gain is beneficial and healthy.

9) eliminate junk food – Junk food can be an easy choice for bulking up as they are full of trans fats, salt and calories, but this is not the kind of calories and nutrients required for healthy weight gain. You will end up with the same health problems that obese individuals, including prevalence of chronic diseases, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and a number of other health risks.

10) Keep your diet – Some people are happy to put on a short work and enjoy the results, but unfortunately, unless keep these new habits, which are likely to simply gain the weight back or fall back into bad habits, and possibly even get obese if all your muscle tone let it go. Maintain your healthy lifestyle at this track chosen.

11) Calculate specific calorie intake – Everyone is different, so try to guess how many calories you need to pack on a few pounds, do the math! There are plenty of tools measuring BMI and algorithms caloric intake out there on the Internet so you can accurately measure how much your body needs, and what is a healthy surplus will result in your body specific. Being informed is a good way to gain weight as well!

12) Add the pistachios and walnuts – pistachios , nuts, and walnuts, among others are full of beneficial minerals and good forms of fiber. Snacks that are high in fiber, including various types of wheat bread and grains, can also be a good way to increase your intake of calories in addition to having a healthy impact on your digestive system.

13) Eat a Consistent hours – Your body likes to be in cycles – do not forget that! If you get into a consistent pattern of eating, digesting and activity, your body will be more likely to “indirect” and hormonally readjust to some degree. Your metabolism can learn their patterns. Obviously, routines are perfect impossible, but try to maintain some consistency in their schedule. It will help you!

14) Avoid Binge – may be tempting to simply eat a lot of food at a time when you have the time, money and food, but that is too much for your body to handle all at the same time and inevitably, some will become visceral fat. Distributed in their meals, as recommended above, and avoid bingeing.

15) Do not try to win too fast – This is one of the biggest mistakes people who are trying to gain weight healthily. Gaining more than a pound or two a week can lead to dangerous instability in their metabolism and often results in a crash diet and constant weight fluctuations. Obviously, some situations require quick to acquire more volume, but consult a dietician and a doctor when it comes to gaining weight very fast is a good idea.

16) Increase protein intake – skin cells, blood, organs, muscles, and lymph all require proteins to form. If you want to increase your weight, you need to increase your intake of protein, because it is truly the “things” that are made. No protein (and meat is often the easiest source), it would be very difficult to gain healthy weight.

17) Increase Your Consumption of Oil – One of the best ways to gain weight is actually by increasing its oil consumption. Eating fatty foods is an unhealthy choice, so get your fats in the form of beneficial omega-3 from oils Vegetable special as canola oil and olive oil is a healthy choice . Actually, this will improve your cholesterol balance and improve their health, while increasing its weight.

18) Get Checked – Some people are genetically predisposed to weight alone does not earn much, and there are real hormonal deficiencies that prohibit people become fat nutrients. If none of your other attempts to gain weight seems to be working, getting checked for some of these conditions, current or even genetic traits that may explain their inability to gain healthy weight.

19) knows his body – Some people gain weight in different ways. The consumption of sugary foods may not help some people gain healthy weight; however, it could cause visceral fat, which is how people become “skinny fat”. Basically, you should consider how your body has gained weight in fasting, and try to replicate the healthy methods have used before.

20) Dietary Supplements – Although this is generally considered a last resort because it can have some negative effects, because it is something unnatural dietary supplements is you can use for further you quickly. However, always consult a nutritionist and a doctor before using dietary supplements to make sure it is the right choice for you.

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