32 DIY Beauty Hacks amazing girls

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you can not always have hours for makeup. Sometimes you get only a few minutes to touch up. Knowing quick tricks becomes very important so you could be your own guide, and escape mistakes. Some girls makeup also completely simply skipped because they are not aware of the cuts and easy to use. These cuts beauty not only surprise you, but also help you feel confident and elegant. Are you ready for a makeover? Or if you want to procrastinate for some other time? Well, just in time never comes, is now or never. So, read on and try to be very helpful with these hacks.


DIY Hacks seeking care for eyes

1. White Shadow Fairy-like eyes to gaze

Apply the first coat of white on its cover; and then apply the second coat with a favorite color. The purpose of the white layer is to save retouching eyes all day long as it stays as it is.


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2 . mascara can play eyeliner, also

When you can not find eyeliner, simply rub eyeliner on the brush mask brush and is ready to be used as coating. If your mascara is black, then fine, but if it is not, even then it would work. The main focus of the mask is to beautify the eyelashes; therefore, after using mascara and eyeliner, eyelids will be sharper and cleaner.


Image Source: diyncrafts.com

3 . custom gel eye Liner

Wondering why eyeliner gel? Because the gel lasts longer, since the pencil eyeliner often tend to stain. Although silicone cases are more expensive, but then they could be made at home too. Get a lighter and eye liner. Heat the end of eyeliner pencil with lighter for gel eyeliner.


Image Source: diyncrafts.com

4 . baby powder for thicker eyelashes

have you been waiting to learn false eyelashes look so far? No need to wait any longer. Here’s the trick to easily get it. For thicker and fuller lashes, apply mascara as you normally do. Get a headset and dip it in baby powder. Rub the tabs to separate them from each other. You can apply mascara again if necessary.


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5 . look winged eye

the key to getting these winged eye is draw lines first, and then fill in the colors. carefully craft a wing at the outer corner of the eye as shown in this picture. Thereafter, fill it with the same eyeliner. This way your smoky eyes will be sharper.


Image Source: diyncrafts.com

Another way it is through a spoon. Get an old spoon. Hold the spoon in the corner of your eye and make an outline along the edge spoon, as shown in this picture. For the beginner, this spoon will work as a guide to get that perfect look.


Image Source: diyncrafts.com

6 . Card applying mascara

we all have a lot of cards in the country that are of no use to us. However, here there is a significant use of those cards for girls; Therefore, not leave!
Owner of a business card behind the tabs when the mascara is applied, this will help get to the root mascara and hair tip. This way will be crushed colors.


Image Source: diyncrafts.com

7 . Quick Liner Gel eye shadow

Some women do not have time to apply eye shadow at all times. But now, you can do it faster, simply crossing gel coating lines in their caps and then the mixture. The merit of using gel coating is that it lasts longer and gives you a glimpse stain proof. For a different look, try mixing different colors and that really stand out among the lot!


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8 . Smokey Eyes or muddy?

In trying to achieve the smoky eye look, sometimes it becomes cloudy. one for the colors you want to apply and another to properly mix – To avoid this error, two brushes are needed. Using the same brush both eyes can be disastrous! This is because when you have applied offset in one eye, the brush is completely soaked in different shades. Therefore, use another brush to clean the second eye.


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9 . Bright eyes

Get glitter eyeshadow and apply at the corners of his eyes. Focus on the inside corner to look younger. I prefer light color if you have dark circles on top of the area of ​​the nose and wants to hide.


Image Source: diyncrafts.com

10 . Become expert eye makeup

Wondering how to get the natural look despite wearing eye makeup? Do not apply eye shadow directly. First, use gel or liquid eyeliner, but should be subtle in order to give a natural look. While applying the shadow, make sure that the dark shadow is just above the eyelashes, shadows and medium just above the dark, and finally, clear forward tone.


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Hacks DIY for stunning lips

11. lipstick stained teeth

lipstick marks on the teeth makes you look naive makeup. Just clean your lips backwards to avoid this error. If lipstick is applied at the end of the staining of teeth pearly while, always use your fingers to remove the spot.


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12 . Fix lipstick last longer

lipstick usually rubs after 3-4 hours. To be more lasting only has a bit of translucent powder and tissue paper. Apply the first coat of lipstick as normal. Then place a tissue over her lips slightly. Spread a bit of translucent powder over the tissue.


Image Source: buzzfed.com

13 . lip gloss for longer hours

like lipsticks, lip gloss also tends to fade after a few hours. But here is an easy way to make your lips stick longer. Just add a little peppermint oil in its usual brightness lips and is ready to be used for a brighter and smoother appearance.


Image Source: diyncrafts.com

14 . Camino finer Apply Perfilador

overall, girls jump lip liner, they do not know the correct way to apply it. Mark a cross in the center of your upper lip. Then corners of the lip line. Uniting all these lines by applying coating lightly on the edge of the lips. Now, you can apply the lipstick. It will look more dense and strong.


Image Source: diyncrafts.com

15 . eyeshadow for fuller lips

Want fuller lips, sexier and poutier? Use shade of frosted / pale eyes. Apply lip color as usual, then a layer of frosted eye shadow over it would be enough. Since frost is thicker, you can make luscious lips, just dab on your lipstick.


Image Source: diyncrafts.com

Hacks DIY for sexy face

16. Make triangles corrector

most girls do not know the correct way to apply concealer, so you can not hide dark circles almost every time. To hide your bags and dark circles , it is necessary to apply a triangle of dots under the eyes. Move your hands down and it’s done!


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17 . The know-how contour

proper contour is not easy to get. Most women are wrong, so they end up making mistakes while using makeup. You need to follow certain facial lines while the correction or contour is applied to achieve the perfect look. And for a high cheekbone look, use darker color in the line of cheekbones.


Image Source: diyncrafts.com

18 . Check makeup

have you ever thought why your makeup looks different in different places? It is due to the lighting! To know its true aspect, it is said that women should check on your car. You get the idea which has to be mixed, or where it is very bold.


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19 . preventing cleft corrector

Those who have wrinkled skin are prone to wrinkle corrector. In order to avoid this, begin your makeup with a light primer, especially for wrinkled skin. Thereafter, get a sponge (the beauty of mixture) to give a corrector touches softly, her lines are hidden. Finally, apply a little powder for the skin soft and smooth.


Image Source: diyncrafts.com

Hacks DIY for Pretty nails

20. he graduated manicure

They really will take you to another level of polishing nails. Why waste time covering every single nail separately when you can easily do both. Surprised? Well, that’s right. Get makeup sponges and your favorite colors. Paint the pattern in the sponge first, and then is pressed against the nail. Repeat the same pattern on each nail.


Image Source: diyncrafts.com

21 . Rubber Band for manicure Fix

If your French manicure disappears from one or another tip, no need to remove it off the nails, and then do it again completely. To order at home by removing the portion of nail polish that is chopped; and then separated by a rubber band. Thereafter, the new paint polish only on the area where it is required.


Image Source: diyncrafts.com

22 . Band Aid for nail art

nail art became easier! Yes, you heard right! Get some bandaids first. Paint your nails as normal. Wait for dry nails. Thereafter, paste the sticky part of the band-aid on your nails. Then color it any color you want. His appearance of moles is ready!


Image Source: diyncrafts.com

23 . Guinga nails

first, paint the favorite color nail polish on tape. Then cut into strips to obtain design gingham nail. Be innovative and try as many different and bright colors as possible. The fall of the tape carefully; and finally, applying the top most layer.


Image Source: diyncrafts.com

24 . nail Polish dries quickly

There are two ways to dry the freshly polished that would otherwise be ruined due to moisture nails. Any use of blow dryer to dry; or immerse them in ice water would be readily available in the freezer.


Image Source: diyncrafts.com

25 . Two toned-Nails

Receive craft scissors to cut the ribbon in a stylistic way. Be sure to match the length of your nails while the tape is cut. Paint the base color on the nails of your choice. And after it dries, use tape in the middle of the nail and paint the other half naked nail with some other color. Peel off the tape to witness two-tone nails.


Image Source: diyncrafts.com

Hacks DIY for beautiful hair

26. Trim and split ends creatively at home

people visit hair stylists to get their split ends cut after every 4-6 months. However, it is not mandatory. You can do it yourself at home very easily. Twist your hair and then cut the hairs that are sticking out.


Image Source: diyncrafts.com

27 . Make classy bun in minutes

Wanna style your hair in a bun classy due to extreme heat? Make a good high ponytail on top of the head. Divide your hair into two parts and the beginning of torque from the end. Wrap both sections in opposite directions and tie the hair.


Image Source: diyncrafts.com

28 . DIY Dry ​​Shampoo

There are days when you wake up late and did not have time to wash and condition your hair properly. Make your own shampoo by mixing ¼ cup cornstarch and a few drops of your favorite essential oil. Apply on the hair roots; and after combing. It will keep your hair clean and all day without oil.

. Note: Those with thicker hair, you must add the cocoa powder with cornstarch for best results


image Source: diyncrafts.com

29. Want wavy hair?

braids hair can make waves, but women want is the look wavy hair stick around longer. First, make multiple braids if you have long, thick hair. Then those tresses straightener iron. Heat them for a while and then wait for it to cool. Finally, loosen or untie her braids gradually.


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Some other Essential Hacks

30. the spray perfume in the right place

Spraying perfume is something we all do every day, but many women still do not they know where to use it in order to make your scent last longer. Ladies should know the critical areas in which the perfume is spilled -. Behind the ears, base of the throat, inside of both wrists, elbows inside and behind the knees


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31. Mouthwash for bruises

are you one of those with a maximum of bruising because it runs on any or all? Use mouthwash to treat all their bruises . All you need to do is simply mouthwash gently with a cotton swab wherever he has a concussion.


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32 ., Remove makeup cloths

While putting on makeup in a hurry, sometimes ends up leaving stains on the shirt or top. You can use shaving cream to get rid of those stains. Pour some shaving cream on the stain and then wipe with a damp cloth. It will take 5-10 minutes. You will not have to change your outfit.


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