11 DIY jewelry cleaners can easily be done at home

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Everyone likes to shine! The same goes for the jewels that one wears. There is no fun in wearing a necklace tarnished. However, it feels great to flaunt a sparkling. Regular cleaning is a must for your treasurable ornaments, and your jewelry stays young for years. You could be spending a lot of money in a jeweler for cleaning pieces of precious jewelry. Do you think you can do to clean jewelry at home and know that too, without too much fuss! We are saying to some of the best tricks for DIY jewelry cleaner homemade.

11 Easy to make jewelry cleaners homemade


1. Jewelry Cleaner Homemade The use of sodium bicarbonate


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baking sodium is the best cleaner homemade jewelry. To resolve this method, first, it is necessary to heat some water. Aluminum foil cut to the shape of the bottom of a container and place there.Now, pour the water heated therein. Mix 1 tablespoon of baking soda, salt and dish soap to it. Put jewelry on top of the foil and leave for 5-10 minutes. Rinse in cold water and dry with a soft cloth. Make a new solution for next time. It works fine with all kinds of jewelry.

Recipe Source: popsugar.com

2. Jewelry Cleaner for pearls


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Only a mild shampoo is needed to clean your pearl jewelry. Place the beads on a cloth with protected ends. Take warm water in a bowl and add soft at the same shampoo. Place the bag in the container bead and gently rub the beads to remove dirt. Take the beads off the cloth and dry with a soft towel.

Recipe Source: karipearls.com

3. Jewelry Cleaner vinegar


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the vinegar works as the best jewelry cleaner homemade silver. Mix one tablespoon each of salt and baking soda in a cup of boiling water. After removal from the oven, place your jewelry in it. Add 1/2 cup of vinegar to it. Leave your jewelry soak in it for some time. Rinse with warm water and apply with a dry cloth. See your jewelry shine!

Recipe Source: madefrompinterest.net

4. DIY Jewelry Cleaner Using toothpaste


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may be used toothpaste of choice as a jewelry cleaner. Rub toothpaste on your jewelry as if you are washing it. Rinse and apply with a dry cloth. You can repeat the process to thoroughly clean the ornament.

Recipe Source: snapguide.com

5. tree oil Tea Jewelry Cleaner


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Put your jewelry in a jar . Pour half a cup of vinegar and add a few drops of tea tree oil. Leave it there overnight. Take the jewels the next morning and cleaned with a brush coated with baking soda teeth jar. Wash it with clean water.

Recipe Source: diynatural.com

6. Beer as jewelry cleaner


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Put your jewelry in gold dish and pour the beer on it. Wait for it to soak for a while. After a couple of minutes, remove jewelry and rub with a dry cloth. Make sure the beer does not hurt gemstones in jewelry. Do not use for silver jewelry.

Recipe Source: shefinds.com

7. Dishwasher soap as jewelry cleaner


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Pour some mild detergent in three parts of warm water. Clean ornament using a very soft brush teeth. Leave jewelry soak in the solution overnight. Rinse with plain water. It is the best cleaning jewelry gold and silver jewelry.

Recipe Source: just2sisters.com

8. Ketchup As jewelry cleaner


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pour sauce tomato in a bowl or dish. Soak the jewelry in it. Make sure that the tomato sauce covers all its parts. Leave on for 5-10 minutes. Remove jewelry and rinse with warm water. Dry with a soft cloth. You can also use a toothbrush coated with tomato sauce to brush the dirt and polish the gems. Clean it with warm water after polishing.

Recipe Source: keiralennox.com

9. lemon juice and salt


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Mix a tablespoon of lemon juice with half a cup water and dry powder milk. Soak your jewelry in this mixture overnight. Will come out with a brilliant shine the next morning. It is the best cleaner homemade jewelry for copper.

Recipe Source: handmadeology.com

10. Rubbing Alcohol


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Add a small amount of soap in a container. Add a little hot water to it. Pour a few drops of alcohol in it. Put jewelry in this solution. Soak in it for five minutes. Scrub using a soft toothbrush. It is clean with a dry cloth. Do not use this in jewelry with precious stones, as it would affect the glue used for fixing.

Recipe Source: hometalk.com

11. banana peel


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banana peel is a great cleaner silver jewelry. Mix bananas with some water to make a paste. Apply this paste on the jewelry using a toothbrush or soft cloth. Let dry for some time.Rinse off with water. Dry and polish with a cloth. It is not a good method for large silver products. However, it works well for silver jewelry.

Recipe Source: apartmenttherapy.com

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