Four things that everyone will have to do to get good

In all the cases I’ve seen where people with unhealthy disease organisms riddled later became vibrantly healthy, they all had to do four things:

  1. they had to be completely out of drugs, including marijuana, caffeine, alcohol any and all prescription and nonprescription drugs.
  2. They had to fix his intestine.
  3. They had to completely change your diet, eliminating processed foods and eat a lot of products for the rest of their lives.
  4. They had to give up coffee, smoothies, sweets and fruit juices, at least for a while.

eliminate drugs

can not be healthy while you put toxins in your body. Just does not work. This includes vaccines. Inject, inhale or ingest chemicals and toxins in the body does not produce health.

Whenever there is DNA damage, the age of your body. chemicals made in the laboratories of DNA damage in the body. To a point, you can detoxify and undo much of the damage caused by these substances. You can even reverse the damage done to DNA. However, on some level, every time you damage your body with chemicals, there is a certain permanence.

not smoking anything. Smoking introduces too many carcinogens. Smoking always adds toxins from the blood, making the blood thick and putting pressure on the kidneys, liver, thyroid, adrenal glands, eyes and reproductive organs.

Stimulants cause an allergic reaction similar to a reaction. This puts unnecessary strain on the thyroid, adrenal glands and kidneys.

The acidified spirit body, emphasizes the liver and promotes the growth of Candida.

I’m not saying that everyone needs to get off all medication. I am saying that there can never be truly healthy, while regular use of drugs.

set your Gut

Every person I ever met who was ill had too much candida beating his diseased bowel and causing havoc throughout your body. intestinal health is the source of most and often all the health problems of people.

Most people can repair your gut with proper diet and time, but the detoxification protocol and supplements can speed up the process and are necessary for some people with severely damaged intestines. Look for a strong probiotic murderer and a parasite.

Eat Right

If the bowel is in poor health, you have to give up wheat and other sources of gluten to improve. Anyone with Candida overgrowth can not properly digest wheat. Wheat and soybeans almost always occur in ways that cause health problems when consumed. Soybeans and corn on the packaged products are mostly GMOs. Genetically Modified Organisms destroy intestinal health.

also it has to give up refined sugars and processed packaged almost everything. Replace them with salads, lots of products, as well as homemade whole grain foods. Eating organic raw crushed garlic black, turmeric, pepper and food.

Eat lots of vegetables. Eating a wide variety of raw vegetables organic. Here are some of the benefits of raw organic vegetables:

  • more enzymes
  • Feeding the right ecosystem and keep it clean
  • Better digestion and assimilation of all nutrition
  • strong, clean, light, and blood vibrant
  • strong immune system, very efficient

Many of these benefits also come with the consumption of fruit but for anyone who is sick, the fruit must be limited because the sugars feed the Candida infection including bacteria, parasites, and yeast. Certain fruits are excellent for certain health problems, and fruits should not be avoided at all. They just should be limited until the intestinal flora is working for you and not against you.

Cooked foods have some advantages too, but the importance of enzymes is often overlooked, so eat raw every day.

drink it

shakes sugary juices fresh fruit (even when brewed at home), coffee, most commercial teas, sodas, and almost everything that people other drink must be completely removed for a while until health is restored, and then some of them can be consumed in moderation. Drinking water. Lots of it. Here is a recipe for blueberry lemonade sweetened with stevia. Also, check out What is the best water to detoxify and to drink?


Some people need supplements and a strict diet to get results, but most can just heal the body and be totally free of disease with proper eating habits and give up toxic waste. Output balance its Ecosystem for more information on bowel health, and this 80% raw food diet has a great recipe to get you going salad.

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