4 steps to a flat stomach After 40

Medical experts suggest that the estrogen levels decline with age in women, and how fat is distributed to all parts in the body changes as well.

Therefore, people after crossing the milestone of 40 years find it more challenging to lose weight. However, a trim waistline is sure to enhance general health and the person is …


But every intelligent woman can have a flat stomach and look beautiful even after 40 years, if you follow these tips and suggestions!

The establishment of realistic and clear objectives

To enjoy success, you need to set clear goals. Obese people more often suffer from diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and coronary artery disease.

In addition, a flat stomach can certainly improve confidence in yourself and end up with some serious health problems, while providing a great motivator. Undoubtedly, with a flat stomach, the person can lead a much healthier life beyond this age.

Eliminate stress

Due to stress, our body releases a hormone called “cortisol” which leads to belly fat. Find some effective ways to relax making breathing exercises and meditation, spending time with friends, control the situation and calm. Moreover, it can reduce stress and avoid surprising situations planning and organization.

Update your exercise routine

Aging also contributes to the loss of muscle mass in women, so you should start doing intense cardio workouts. No actual workouts that help speed the heart rate during the recording of a large number of calories. Moreover, proper exercise routine is great for the mind and body. Pilates and yoga are wonderful choices, as they improve the strength and flexibility of the individual.

Without Diet

is a mistake to believe that starvation diets are effective enough to lose a lot of weight after crossing 40. Instead, it is necessary to lead a healthier life those calories in the body election.

Namely, you can use canola oil or olive oil in small quantities for the preparation of food, and you need to eliminate processed foods from the diet completely.

Belly fat is caused due to food that is high in hydrogenated oil, and muscle tissue increases with foods high in saturated fat. Eating nuts and salads, since they can make a big difference in the abdomen.

However, always taken into account before deciding to introduce new healthy habits or to try a new treatment, you should visit a good and qualified physician to reach the goal safely.

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