13 amazing health benefits of Oolong tea

In this post, we will inform you about the benefits of oolong tea, a particular type of beer can not be far familiar with. Its health benefits people are so incredible as the known positive effects of green tea, and arguably even greater, not to mention that oolong tea tastes delicious, too. But first, Leta ???? s see what oolong tea is and where it comes. There are many types of tea made from the plant leaf area, and each has several benefits for human health. If you thought it was all different teas made from different species of plants, think again:

  • Green Tea : this is the kind of tea is made of the form Basic plant when the leaves are picked, carefully dried and stored, and then infused and processed in the delicious drink
  • White tea : this type of tea is made from leaves young (more like outbreaks) of the plant before it has a chance to mature and become the regular way you normally find in (when it becomes green tea);
  • Black Tea : this is obtained from the slightly charred plant (ITA ???? s like green tea leaf ripe but slightly roasted and fermented, whether in the sunlight or with the aid of a special heating);
  • Pu Erh : this is actually a sub-category of tea clack, a special blend of fermented and aged black tea comes from the Yunnan province in China. Despite the added processing, this type of tea has amazing health benefits as well,
  • Oolong : Finally, tea wea ???? ll be discussing today it comes from the same plant, but ita ???? It’s just a little fermented, so it’s to be somewhere between green tea and black tea, because its leaves are only partially oxidized.

Basically, all colors of tea I’ve ever met (including oolong tea a bonus) come from the same plant, with the exception of red tea. Red tea is native to Africa and actually comes from the rooibos (red bush) plant, so thatâ ???? It s a different thing. But all the others are from the tea leaf native Asia, also scientifically known as sinensis Camellia . Here’s how the various cups Brewed teas appear (note the different and attractive colors):

cups of different teas alligned

Now that we have resolved the issue of classification, Leta ???? To see how the oolong tea can have and what are its main health benefits are. To prepare it, it is necessary to infuse a teaspoon of tea leaves (200-250 ml water or a cup) for 3-4 minutes, strain the leaves before having tea, of course. Ita ???? s tea moderate to strong, since ita ???? s somewhere between green tea and black tea on the intensity scale. oolong tea lovers say this tastes naturally slightly milky liquid gold, even without adding anything to it, but for an even finer aroma, can add just a splash of milk to your cup. They go together well. can also sweeten, of course, but in order to enjoy all the benefits of oolong tea, you need to drink several cups a day (3 or 4), so wouldnâ ???? t be advisable to add all those extra calories. Try to have your tea plain, if possible.

And without further ado, Leta ???? to see more detail in each of the health benefits of oolong tea.

1. Oolong tea helps in weight loss and weight control (speed up metabolism)

Due to its powerful antioxidants and substances to increase metabolism (similar to those found in green tea ), oolong tea can be helpful with weight loss. Research shows that drinking at least a cup of oolong tea every day, not only inhibits the feeling of hunger, but it can actually change the way your body metabolizes fat, helping to become a ???? and stay a ???? thinner. Therefore, oolong tea is considered the best tea that fights obesity, followed immediately by the Chinese jasmine green tea.

2. Oolong tea promotes healthy skin

You can have more beautiful skin if you regularly consume Oolong tea. This is partly due to its properties to combat eczema, and anti-inflammatory properties. People who consume more than 2 cups of oolong tea one day reported more beautiful and luminous skin, (also known as a healthy glow).

3. Oolong tea reduces levels of inflammation in your body

Speaking of anti-inflammatory, oolong tea greatly reduced overall levels of inflammation in your body, like green tea, just a little more. This anti-inflammatory effect promotes longevity and prevents cardiovascular diseases, joint diseases such as arthritis or degenerative diseases.

4. Oolong tea is full of antioxidants

Even richer in antioxidants than green tea, oolong tea is like having a small cup of prolonged youth day after day as long as their drinking habits oolong remain stable enough to fully enjoy its effects. Antioxidants arenâ ???? t just great for staying young longer â ???? both inside and outside the â ???? but also to

5. Oolong tea helps prevent diabetes

Oolong tea helps your body to process sugar more slowly over a longer period of time, which reduces sudden highs (and therefore minimum) in their levels of blood sugar. Such high and low (as you have after eating concentrated sweets) are the main cause of the decrease in insulin sensitivity, which can lead to diabetes. Oolong tea helps prevent incidence of diabetes, again, provided everyday or at least almost everyday use.

6. Oolong tea helps build strong, healthy bones (and prevents osteoporosis)

Despite the fact that ita ???? s a caffeine drink, oolong tea doesnâ ???? ???? T eat upa ???? the calcium in your body, but quite the opposite. This is perhaps one of the most striking benefits for health oolong tea, but the drink helps to fix the calcium derived from food into your system (especially bones), making them stronger and healthier. In the long term, oolong tea is also able to prevent osteoporosis.

7. Oolong Tea helps with mental acuity and concentration

Oolong tea has been correlated with good mental performance and concentration, so it is ideal to be had for tea tests and similarly demanding situations. If the ginseng tea is usually advertised as beneficial for learning, oolong tea is definitely the best choice for the concentration and help you give the best (especially if its effects come into play as a result of daily use).

8. Oolong tea helps with stress management

Speaking of high mental concentration, oolong tea consumption has also been linked with reduced levels of stress and anxiety, a boon for active and busy people everywhere. Of course, this is just a little help and if youâ ???? re really struggling with anxiety, a cup of this tea gold cane ???? t replace therapy, but it certainly will help you have a better handle stress among health benefits of oolong tea.

9. oolong tea may have anti-cancer properties

The claims of anti-cancer properties are popular among all sources praising one super food or another, but rarely verified by the scientific facts (as a quick search on Wikipedia can attest). This doesnâ ???? T are valid for green tea and oolong tea, which have cancer-preventing properties actually pending, scientifically supported and tested. These anti-tumor properties are both due to TEAA ???? s antioxidants, and due to immune system effects of daily brings drive cup. In terms of green tea against oolong tea, oolong tea has been shown to be slightly more effective than its counterpart in green, so while green tea is by no means a bad choice, it appears that oolong is better.

minjian charcoal roasted oolong tea

The four states Mingjian charcoal roasted Oolong Lot


10. Oolong tea helps digestion

As if all this weren ???? t enough, aiding digestion is also one of the precious health benefits of oolong tea. If you tend to experience cramping light digestion or other mild disorders (such as constipation, flatulence and so on), drinking at least a cup of oolong tea one day alleviate them and make everything more regular and well balanced.

11. Oolong Lowers cholesterol and prevents cardiovascular disease

Among the health benefits of oolong tea most visible is its remarkable cardiovascular protection. This is even more valuable when you consider that this type of disease is one of the most common conditions after a certain age, and one of the leading causes of death.

12. Oolong tea helps with hair loss and make your hair thick and shiny

The health benefits of oolong one on our list is actually derived for external use, not drinking. If you use a cup of fresh (but cold) oolong tea growing your hair after washing, not only prevent hair loss, but also give your locks a brighter appearance and make them thicker over time. Some of the beneficial effects can be obtained similarly in the skin as well, if oolong tea is used as a skin toner (after washing and before using a moisturizer). So feel free to add oolong tea to your beauty routine anytime, hair and skin will thank you!

13. Oolong tea prevents tooth decay

Last but not least, drinking oolong tea regularly helps maintain a balanced level of acidity in the mouth, and its anti-inflammatory Celebrity help prevent gum disease as well. In general, be a regular consumer oolong (and not neglecting your oral hygiene, either, of course) can mean fewer cavities and teeth problems in the long run.

Oolong Tea Side Effects and Precautions

Even if the oolong tea is an impressive and powerful elixir, it is not too much of any good thing. You can get all the positive health effects over if you drink several cups of oolong tea daily, but remember that oolong tea is rich in caffeine, so this should come with some precautions. Many of the conditions usually improve with oolong tea (such as diabetes or cardiovascular disease, or high levels of stress and anxiety) can be aggravated by the caffeine content in the additional cup of oolong tea youâ ???? re drinking.

Therefore, as with any other food in your diet, you should try to limit the amount they eat to reasonable limits (such as 2-3 cups per day or more than 4) and monitor your bodyâ? ??? s response thereto. Some people may respond better or worse to any substance, so ita ???? s up to you to see how you react after start drinking oolong tea on a regular basis. If you notice any of the symptoms usually associated with having too much coffee, reducing in this mixture for a while, but Dona ???? t give it up completely. You’re likely to find the right number of cups of tea a day you should have the best effects.

In addition, in order to get all the health benefits of oolong tea on the list, make sure you have a good source for it (a trusted brand and one that isnâ t suspiciously cheap ???? ). Personally, I like Dr. Oz oolong tea, but there are several other brands that among other things ???? d confidence as well. A good tea should specify their source, and if grown in a high mountain, ita ???? is supposedly better and purer (which is why Fujian oolong tea or oolong tea jade, or oolong tea in Taiwan, or oolong tea Osmanthus, and even monkey picked oolong tea are some of the most popular choices for tea connoisseurs). tea purists (or those who really want to reap the wonderful health benefits of oolong tea as ???? theyâ re taking the time to drink daily) also opt for organic mixtures. Dragon Eye oolong, Formosa, Gaba and Wuyi oolong tea blends or mixtures also contain some of Granada for flavor are among the most popular options as well. Ultimately, what matters to enjoy the benefits of drinking oolong tea is quality, not counterfeit tea. brand varieties are only details so far.

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