How to fake a fever?

How to fake a fever? ;

There are plenty of reasons to a false fever. The most common reason is to take leave school because they have an exam and do not prepare for it. The other reason is to be incomplete or perhaps are tired of the attackers hit task. Whatever the reason, children strive to avoid school go as they have options like playing video games. Adults are also a false fever to avoid going to work because of his annoying boss. Regardless of age, the most common reason for a false fever remains the same. People show different symptoms to fake a sick person. Some just do cough a lot and faking a sneeze in order to convince their parents. There will also be others who go through complex and risky methods of feigning illness. The hard part about faking illness is how to make it more realistic for their boss or teacher would give a break for a day to fight the disease. Fever is not a disease but a symptom that when normal body temperature ball occurs above 36.5 ° and 37.5 ° range.

How to Fake a Fever

Forms fake a fever:

1) claim to have pain head to fake a Fev er

One of the main symptoms. Fever is a severe headache. If you convince others that you are suffering from a headache after another certainly realize that he or she will have a fever. Thus, one can easily pretend false fever with a sore head fake. For a head fake pain that seems natural, then you should know the symptoms as well as pain, sensitivity to light, go to sleep early and irritability. While faking a headache, you should also show any signs of pain, clutching his head with both hands while looking down. To be more realistic, you must also close both eyes showing some irritation to light.

2.) Misleading the fake a fever thermometer

most parents use a thermometer to check the level of fever when you He tells them he’s sick. Now, the instrument can take to easily lose its planning and will become your enemy. It all depends on how you trick thermometer so that shows the value agree with you. The easiest way to do this is simply to keep the thermometer well in the hand and thumb rubs repeatedly until you reach the desired temperature. Put the laptop on your stomach to add two or three degrees of temperature rise. Convincing his father so he can go to the bathroom with a thermometer. Keep the instrument under running hot water to the desired temperature. Carefully monitor the temperature to keep human temperature range. If at the end showing high fever to your parents, then you might end up in the hospital for any reason. If the increase in value above the desired level and then placed in cold water for a while. If you can not manage to take a thermometer with you, then just go alone and drink lots of very hot water. Make sure you do not hurt yourself with hot water. The other way is to keep the thermometer with a bulb until its temperature begins to rise.

3.) Do not exceed a false fever

just have to convince their parents who are little sick. If you overdo faking a fever at the end you may end up getting some diagnostic tests. Action must be taken to extend such that their parents are convinced that their are bad, but not seriously ill. Despite all the efforts of their parents they are not agree until they show a high temperature on the thermometer. Thermometer to deceive the preceding paragraph. Exaggerating false fever will cause your parents needless worry that lead to punishment for you when you take to the hospital for nothing. The silly mistake people usually make the false fever is to put a thermometer in the oven. Putting a thermometer in the oven will raise its very high temperature and can also decipher.

4.) Get up early to fake a fever

rise early is very important to achieve his goal from pursuing a false fever. Parents are definitely going to touch the head so you have to get yourself prepared. The first thing you should do is feel cold, because it is one of the common symptoms of a fever. Put your whole body under a thick blanket to raise body temperature. Drinking hot water just before their parents hit the door, hot water increases body temperature to two degrees. Take control over the thermometer so that it can be easily fooled.

5.) Discuss your symptoms constantly to fake a fever

People usually stop showing sign of symptoms once he convinced the parents. If you stop showing symptoms after few hours, then your trick will be caught by their parents. Keep in discussing your symptoms throughout the day to make it more real, but not overdo it. The worst thing is that pretending not really know to what extent you have to do this, so keep things simple is, of course, the best idea. His body language is so you do not need to talk about who is ill.

6.) Stay unfocussed a false Fever

can not easily focus on things while suffering from fever. When you are faking a fever you should remember that not indulge in activities like playing video games, watch TV, surf the Internet, etc. as this creates a doubt in his mind parents. Try to spend lying in bed to show he’s really sick time. It is often forgotten that only the high temperature does not make a sick person, there are also a lot of symptoms associated with it. You should consider some of the most common symptoms, while faking a fever. It should act as that much effort is needed to move muscles. Limit your activity and walk slowly, talking in low tones. This is the time to show their hidden acting talent.

7.) Feel Shivering to fake a fever

cold sensation is one of the most common signs of fever so they must make false chills at some point. Your have to say, how to act as feeling cold? Only tighten the two arms and vibrate your body. It may also put some ice under the cloth to make realistic his act.

8.) Loss of appetite fever

Loss false

appetite is a common symptom for fever. When fever is faking this point you should be on your mind. Do not get on food, act as if you are rejecting their food until parents force him who has it. You should keep a watch on another while eating otherwise it will be a problem. flour reject prove who is ill.

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