How long does a cold?

How long does a cold? ;

This article will help you to know how long does a cold last. Cold is a very common infection that each of you faces in any season. But mostly it occurs during the winter season. It is basically a viral infection that occurs in the upper respiratory system of the body. But it affects the nose. In recent research, it has realized that an adult suffers cold for three to four times a year. While a child may suffer from seven to eight times a year. Thus, by reading more you get to know the causes and symptoms of a cold. In addition to this below are some suggestions that you can take as home remedies for cold are presented

Causes cold :.

cold last

virus as common cause cold:

as mentioned higher than the cold is caused due to a viral infection. But that viral infection is of three different types that are responsible for cold.

  • This means that the most commonly known viruses called rhinoviruses. 10 to 40 percent chance due to rhinovirus.
  • While the picornavirus is responsible for 20 percent chance of getting an infection from the cold.
  • And finally, respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) is responsible for. 10 percent

are also other causes of cold

as Transmissible infection cold :.

means cold also caused by contact with an already infected person.

  • If someone is already infected with the cold and shake hands with that person could not have cleaned their hands after sneezing. You can catch a cold by contact with hands at hand.
  • The most common elements that become infected by contact are pen, coffee cups, telephone, computer keyboard / laptop, etc.
  • Also, there are chances to get cold when your immune system is functioning poorly. Otherwise, if your immune system is healthy, you do not catch a cold

Time as the cold :.

for some time measurement conditions are also responsible for cold. When you are exposed to severe cold, you might catch a cold. This is a theory that holds the stereotype as the main reason to suffer from cold. This is according to the old time they believe is responsible for your cold. Thus, it is among one of the reasons. Some people are most prone to the winter season to catch cold. Even if they are fit and well throughout the year, but when winter approaches catching a cold. This happens in some cases

cold symptoms :.

Symptoms may be very small so you can detect a cold. That includes:

When you suffer from such symptoms for more than 3 days, you might have caught a cold. And in severe cases you may have a high fever too. Now, reading this, you might think how long does a cold last.

How long is a Last Cold?

Well, mostly depends on how fast your immune system can recover. However, in general terms, a final cold for 3 to 4 days. Some of you might get recovered a week later too. And if you happen to suffer from intense cold that can last up to 10 days.

1.) Cold lasting from 3 to 4 days

When suffering from a common cold, which are likely to suffer from 3 to 4 days. It depends mainly on their immune system to recover to its normal condition. On the first day, there will be less effect on health. As, symptoms appear after the third day, you’ll feel nausea , have a sore throat and body pain. Such are the symptoms if you are suffering from flu too. But it could decrease depending on the drugs and food intake. It will recover soon.

2.) Cold that last a week

One last cold for a week when they are infected with the virus (rhinovirus). You will take a week to recover when hit with rhinovirus. During the first three days will have a sore throat, fatigue, loss of appetite , body aches if your cold is accompanied with a flu. The next few days will have minor symptoms such as nose execution , muscle pain, etc., which is not harmful. Required to be in a healthy and balanced diet to recover. As suffering from a week of cold will make you weak. And, your immune system will also need nutrients to recover back to normal.

3.) Cold lasting more than a week

when you notice that you are suffering from cold for more than a week, immediately consult your doctor. It is possible that some other reasons also led to cold symptoms last longer than normal

home remedies to cure a cold :.

1.) hydrate your body to recover from cold

When you are suffering from cold, needs more fluid. Since due to cold could even suffer from dehydration less fluid intake. Fluid intake helps break the lock on your system. In normal days you are supposed to drink 8 to 10 glasses of water. But when you are infected with the attempt to add more cold water consumption normal times. Along with consuming juice fruit and vegetables having water content in it.

2.) Eat garlic to cure your cold

nder is a substance containing anti-bacterial agent. Consumption of garlic will easily help you get get rid of your cold quickly. For it takes to crush 1 clove garlic. And, add the crushed garlic in 2 tablespoons lemon juice, 1 teaspoon of honey and a teaspoon of chili powder. Mix these ingredients and drink once daily.

3.) spiced tea will cure your sore throat

If your cold lasts a long, try this remedy. You could be using green tea or black tea when you are suffering from cold. But trying to make his own little tea seasoned. This means that you will have to add a few ingredients in your tea. For that you need 5 to 6 pieces of basil leaves, grated Ginger , black pepper and sugar. When preparing your tea, add these components and boil for 5 to 10 minutes. After consuming this spiced tea early in the morning to get a fresh start of the day. And also you can take before going to bed to have a sound sleep.

4.) chicken soup to treat cold

When he fell ill, he ends up losing his energy and strength. So regain their health also you need supplements in your body. Therefore, try to eat chicken soup to get rid of naturally cold. Chicken soup will give you all essential vitamins and nutrients. While preparing the soup, add some fresh vegetables and black pepper to cure sore throat. Take this chicken soup before lunch and dinner.

5.) Steam for Cold Treatment

going to get relief from their stuffy nose taking a bath steam. You can have two options. That is, you can try a steamer or a pot of hot water. In either add 1 or 2 pills menthol to be more effective for the nose to get unlocked.

If your last cold for more than 10 days, which could be a serious case. Try to consult a doctor immediately.

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