The Kasturi turmeric | Make turmeric face mask with Kasthuri Manjal (Curcuma aromatica) at home

The Kasturi turmeric | Make turmeric face mask with Kasthuri Manjal (Curcuma aromatica) at home ; Kasturi turmeric – a natural ingredient widely used in cosmetics medicinal herbs that has a unique flavor. It can effectively prevent pimples and give natural fairness to the skin. In Tamil Nadu, most of the ladies Apply this on the skin daily, while taking bath. It is common, especially in the southern regions of Tamil Nadu. People mostly do kasturi turmeric powder and keep an airtight container for easy use. Ladies Kasturi turmeric daily apply on your face creams do not need chemicals equity and creams to combat pimples and acnes.

Where can I buy Kasturi turmeric?

supermarkets, organic stores, Naatu marundhu Kadai, online stores. Previously Kasturi Turmeric is used as one of the ingredients in face creams. Because of its effectiveness and interest of young people to go natural, many brands have begun selling pure powder kasturi turmeric.

Kasturi turmeric in different languages:

Kasturi turmeric Kasthuri called Manjal (in Tamil). It called as aromatic turmeric Turmeric and Wild (in English). scientific name is Curcuma aromatica. It is called as Jangli Haldi in Hindi, Marathi Ran Halad, Kasthuri pasupa Telugu, Kannada Kasthuri Arishina, Kasthoori Manjal in Malayalam, Gujarati Zedoari. In India, it is known popularly in the name of Kasturi turmeric. It is widely known as turmeric Wild World

Beauty Benefits Kasturi Turmeric powder :.

1. The white and shiny skin

No one can understand how much your skin can shine through this kasturi turmeric unless you try it once. Just apply a single day. You will love the fairness and glow that gives the face. When used continuously, his face is always bright and fair.

2. It is used to treat skin tanning:

in our place of origin, apply the Kasturi turmeric to the face, hands and legs, the parts that are exposed to the sun. It prevents you from where sunbathing. It is a good home to get rid of skin tanning remedy. Even if you are tanned therefore you can get rid of tanning completely within a few days of application of kasturi turmeric powder.

3. Prevent acne scars and acne:

you can not spot pimples, acne and acne scars on people who use daily kasturi turmeric. Buying a good quality turmeric powder is important to take full advantage of kasturi turmeric powder. You can buy it in whole form and you can make your own dust Manjal kasturi at home. The recipe is shared at the end of the article.

4. Removes unwanted hair from the face and skin:

Regular use of kasturi turmeric helps remove unwanted facial hair. Women who use daily kasturi turmeric may have no hair on this skin. It is also one of the main reasons for glowing skin. Easily facial hair growth in continuous use is reduced.

5. No stain much:

When it comes to beauty, Kasturi turmeric is widely used. Normal turmeric, we used to cook every day is not preferred for use in the face and skin, as skin blemishes and dressed in yellow. Kasturi turmeric powder does not stain as normal turmeric powder. But it is too good for the skin and face. When there is a natural ingredient to keep it bright and unblemished therefore no need to run after chemicals.

Kasturi turmeric face mask recipe:

Today I will share a wonderful recipe for face pack of turmeric with great Kasthuri Manjal / Kasthuri turmeric to be a secret behind his shiny skin soon. It will certainly also increase your equity.

Discover how to make the mask of turmeric with Kasthuri Manjal (Curcuma aromatica) at home. It is very effective for treating acne and other skin problems. It has good antiseptic and anti bacterial that helps keep the skin free of their problem properties.

Face Turmeric mask with Kasthuri Manjal:


Kasthuri Manjal / Kasthuri turmeric (Curcuma aromatica) – 200g
Virali Manjal (curcumin) – 50g
PoolA Kilangu (white turmeric) – 50g
Koshtam (wild or spiral ginger) 25g

rose petals – 100g

Vetiver (Chrysopogon zizanioides) – 50g

See Vilamichai (Pleactranthus Vettiveroides) – 50g

Muttamanjal – 150g

Face turmeric mask with Kasthuri Manjal:


Dry all ingredients well and turn it into a fine powder in a machine grinding.

Apply this mask of turmeric daily to get a clear complexion. It will not make your yellow face like turmeric powder normal.

Using the Kasturi turmeric powder?

1. You can apply on the face and all the skin during bathing. Leave it on for a minute and wash your face with water.

2. You can take a small amount of turmeric powder and mix with curd. Apply this on your face. Leave on for 20 minutes and wash.

Regular application of this powder Manjal Kasthuri illuminate the face, make your skin bright and prevent skin problems. You can avoid pimples, acne, dark spots, age spots and most of the skin problems.


1. Some people may be allergic to Kasthuri Manjal. Those people can do a test before using this powder.

2. Do not apply to children as turmeric is well known to remove facial hair.
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