That’s why you should brush your teeth with these two powerful ingredients!

Bright magical smile and those incredibly whitening toothpastes in commercial and expensive whitening procedures and unnatural celebrities use it just seems too good to be true.

But now, we present the simplest and most surprising way to get the desired result, and what is even more incredibly absolutely healthy!


Simple as can be, all you need is a little sea salt or some bicarbonate, together or separately, and you will naturally protected from cleaning teeth.

Sodium bicarbonate

Baking soda is well known as a natural way to whiten teeth. Cleaning with baking soda makes teeth whitening fairly mild, and not very abrasive.

Another advantage of the procedure are the benefits that baking soda deals: baking soda is alkaline and kills bacteria and germs that are primarily responsible for bad breath



An alternative is to mix baking soda with salt this is a popular home tooth paste because it is very effective, and works in a short period of time. Another way is to put some baking soda on your toothbrush and clean the teeth.

Sea salt

After reading about all the benefits of treatment with sea salt, which will include it in their daily routines.

This treatment is very beneficial to the gums, and is also very effective in eliminating bad breath. This comes as a result of the most important and items you own sea salt, such as magnesium, nickel, sodium, iron and most importantly for the care of teeth, calcium minerals.

Sea salt, famous for its antibacterial, is helping in the process of neutralizing the acids in the mouth. Saliva antibacterial limits forms which are protecting the enamel is created.


Take a wet toothbrush and dip it into a half-teaspoon of sea salt. Then brush your teeth and when used to. You can even do this procedure using a mixture of half a teaspoon of sea salt diluted in warm water.

Rinse your mouth with this solution for 30 seconds. and spit. This will also help get rid of many bacteria in the mouth.


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