Shikakai Powder – How to make shikakai powder to wash hair at home

Shikakai Powder – How to make shikakai powder to wash hair at home ; Shikakai powder | Acacia concinna Dust – A gentle cleanser with pH less natural. Unlike chemical shampoos, powder shikakai not remove the natural oils from your hair. Shikakai is a natural also detangling. That’s why we do not need air to condition the hair after treatment with this natural cleanser. It has been used for generations to keep hair especially by people in Tamil Nadu and some southern India people.

Shikakai hair powder

Shikakai called as fruit for hair. Shikakai also called as Sikakai, Sikaikai, Sigaikaay and many other different ways. Sikai means braids / hair. Fruit is the first stage of Kaay. It is believed that this is the way Shikakai got its name.

I will share all of you how to prepare perfect Shikakai dust home to clean the hair effectively. My mother used to prepare the shikakai (in Tamil) at home and she packs and gives me every time he comes here. Thanks to her. I used to have in powder Shikakai a famous brand in my action. I use the Shikakai powder brand when I want to go out or if you want a wash straight hair or whenever I feel lazy: -)

The shikakai powder made at home will not be a powder super fine and not foam very similarly to the brand Shikakai dust or shampoos available in the market. My esthetician friend asked me one day what frequently use to wash hair. I told the brand. She asked me why Shikakai dust at home is not prepared and used. It’s really best for your hair in the long term rather than the other brands available in the market. Then I realized and I started using the powder homemade Shikakai more often. What I observed was on the line, hair growth was faster and totally free of any damage. Today, I prefer to go to cut hair layers. For this rapid hair growth, it is difficult to ascertain the layers in a few days 🙂 So, I’m using a homemade for regular use and shampoo or powder Shikakai other brands (Meera Shikakai dust or powder Karthika Shikakai ) when I have to go outside immediately after taking bath. When dust shikakai home that needs some time to clean your hair with a towel to remove shikakai dust hair completely used. Used Amway oil Amla hair Character to grease the hair in the past. Now, I’m using Kottakkal Neelibringadhi Thailam .

to share how to prepare the Shikakai dust at home. All you need to do is, buy the ingredients every time you see and discover a mill in your neighborhood

Ingredients for making powder shikakai :.

Shikakai – 1/2 kg
Reetha – 100 g
fenugreek seeds – 100 g

Optional: – handful
hibiscus flower

Tulsi leaves petals – A handful of leaves
Curry – few

Preparation of Shikakai powder for hair:

1. Optional ingredients like elements well dried in the sun for at least 2 days.
2. Grind to a fine powder. My mother is a grinder to a fine powder

Different ways to use Shikakai Dust :.

Shikakai Powder: You can do it yourself as shown above. You can also buy in stores or online shopping sites also. can be used in many ways to get all the benefits of it. It can be used in different ways as the package hair mask grain, dust washing hair

Shikakai Shampoo :.

Shikakai can be used to make homemade shampoo shikakai too. You can make easily at home shikakai shampoo. Soaking shikakai and reetha seedless (soap nuts) in water overnight. Boil in the same water in the morning the next day. foam is formed. Strain the liquid and use it as your regular shampoo. Unlike commercial sulfate based shampoos, foam will not be much but it can effectively clean the hair. You can wash your hair with shampoo shikakai twice a week. You can use amla, hibiscus, neem leaves, curry leaves, rose petals, leaves of tulsi also during boiling. more medicinal properties for shampoo shikakai be added.

Shikakai tends to give a feeling of dry hair. Therefore, use with a sufficient amount of reetha (soap nut) to form an easily foam. You can make a massage oil before using shikakai the hair to reduce the drying effect. You can also use the shikakai powder with yoghurt / curd to reduce dryness. People also mix the powder with arappu.

Although shikakai has a lot of benefits for hair and skin, you should use good quality powder shikakai to reap the benefits and avoid side effects. Homemade Shikakai powder is better in this case.

Benefits of Shikakai Powder for hair:

  • Although you can not expect a good amount of foam as the other shampoos available in the market with sulfate, that cleanses the hair effectively. Reetha added Shikakai will give the necessary foaming to clean the hair
  • Applying the water used to boil neem leaves, followed by washing the hair Shikakai remove lice and nits from the hair to keep her free.
  • Prevents and treats dandruff problems effectively. Use with neem leaves as mentioned in the previous point. It is more effective.
  • powder homemade shikakai is free of all harmful chemicals.
  • Shikakai powder promotes hair growth and reduce hair problems like hair loss, hair loss.
  • cools the body and scalp get enough moisture.
  • maintains good overall health of your hair.
  • Using shikakai home to wash your hair once or twice a week will keep your hair damage free.

Benefits Shikakai powder for the skin:

shikakai powder is very good for disorders skin infections, itching, grains and psoriasis. Also it has anti-fungal properties. Take a spoonful of powder shikakai with the required amount of water to make a waste. Apply the paste on the affected area and leave for 20 minutes area. Rinse with clean water and dry the skin. This is the simplest way to use shikakai powder on your skin.

In the house of my grandmother, who shikakai powder mixed with rice kanji (the water in which rice is cooked). They are kept aside for some time after mixing both. It can be closed with a lid and leave for 15 minutes. Apply to the affected area and allow it to work on your skin for 20 minutes. Rinse with clean water. Dry your skin.

Shikakai in different languages:

Scientific name – Acacia concinna
In Hindi – Hikakai, Shika, Shikaikai, Shikakai
Tamil, kannada, gujarati, Marathi – Shikakai or Sikakai or Sikaikai
English: Shikakai (in India), Soap pod
Malayalam – Chikaka
Telugu – chikaya, Seekaya hope you enjoyed the homemade recipe Shikakai dust . Please share your comments if you have experience with shikakai dust. If you like this blog, you write with your email address and we like on Facebook in the sidebar for more recent information messages.

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