Shell package orange face powder for glowing skin

Shell package orange face powder for glowing skin ;

Do you know how to use orange peel powder for glowing skin? The orange peel powder can do wonders to your face really. Have you ever tried to use orange peels on her face after eating meat. If your answer is no, it’s time to make your own facial mask at home using orange peels on the face. This homemade facial mask for glowing skin is sure to give results in some applications. I knew nothing of this until I became a bride and began to Senior friends 🙂

orange peel powder for the skin and face pack:

Orange Peel Pack face

milk – 2 tablespoons


1. Take the orange peels and dry in the sun for one or two days.

2. Put it in the blender to make a fine powder of it.

3. Add the milk powder orange peel and apply on the face.
4. Leave it on your skin until dried.
5. Wash with water

orange peel for skin benefits :.

orange peel powder is known to absorb excess fat from the skin and removes dead skin from your face. Milk this face pack helps to moisturize the skin and restores the natural pH balance. the skin from sun damage is repaired also.

Try this orange peel powder face pack especially if you have oily skin as it removes excess fat from the skin. If you are going to be a bride very soon, make sure that you apply this for 20 days continuously to see a good change in his face. This is a tip from a friend who is running salon.

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