Neem oil benefits for skin, face and hair care

Neem oil benefits for skin, face and hair care ;

Neem oil benefits for skin and hair care:

the first thing that comes to mind when we say neem is bitterness. The next thing that comes to mind is that neem has many medicinal properties and is used for its antifungal, antiseptic, antipyretic (fever reducer) and antihistamines (allergy) invests properties. Every part of the neem tree, neem leaves, neem fruits, flowers and even neem neem bark is used to cure various ailments. It is used in Siddha and Ayurveda to treat skin diseases, pain, insect repellent, fever, vomiting, diabetes, gum disease, heart problems, eliminate intestinal worms, eye disorders, cold disease and so on. Neem Oil Benefits for hair and skin neem tree is considered to have many medicinal properties. Neem oil extracted from its seeds is composed of many healing and medicinal properties. Neem oil can be helpful in alleviating the problems associated with skin and hair disorders.

What is the Neem?

Neem , also known as lila Indian is native to India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka and has the scientific name Azadirachta indica . It is a fast growing tree and is known for its drought-resistant nature.

Neem tree is green all year round and has small white flowers and oval, small fruits yellowish.

What is Neem oil?

A product of the Neem tree is Neem oil . Neem oil has many health benefits and skin and you do not have to worry about the bitterness since oil is used only for external purposes.

Neem oil is a vegetable extracted from the fruits and seeds of the neem tree. It is greenish brown color golden yellow, brown, dark brown, or reddish brown and has a strong odor.

Neem oil can not be used for cooking and various fatty acids is beneficial for the skin and hair. Neem oil cosmetics products such as soaps, shampoos, creams and because of its high nutritional value is mainly used in the manufacture of .

The benefits of neem oil for hair care

Some hair problems for which neem oil is beneficial, listed continuation.

Benefits of Neem oil for dry hair:

Dry hair requires heavy conditioning. hair conditioners on the market consist of fatty acids such as stearic acid, oleic acid, etc. Neem oil is made up of all kinds of fatty acids that are responsible for, condition hair.

conditioners moisturize a rough and dry hair, give them silky texture. To achieve this, one has to mix neem oil with coconut oil and apply on the scalp so that it spreads in the hairy leather correctly and then proceed to wrap a hot towel or hot bearably for a few minutes. This helps the penetration of oil on the scalp. You can wash later, to get rid of the smell of neem.

Benefits of Neem oil for hair growth, hair regrowth, hair loss, hair loss and baldness control:

Neem oil It has antimicrobial properties. It is useful for hair loss problems and hair loss by treating the root cause of problems for infections, dry scalp and other similar problems. Neem oil can be used for hair growth, hair growth and baldness treatment.

Benefits of Neem oil for fungus hair and scalp infections

Neem oil helps to get rid of infections fungal scalp and hair. Neem is known for its antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial properties, so all kinds of infections and irritations in the scalp can be treated by using neem oil. Neem oil is also known to have anti-inflammatory properties that help relieve painful conditions that affect the scalp. This oil is also antiseptic in nature, helping to cure all kinds of infections and their aftereffects.

Benefits of Neem oil for dandruff:

Neem oil regulates sebum production and combats itchiness and dandruff in the scalp. When Neem oil is used daily on the scalp, sebum secretion is regulated, which helps to overcome dry or oily scalp.

Neem oil works against yeast and a variety of fungi and bacteria. Dandruff on the scalp is a result of the inherent inflammation. Neem oil exceeds dandruff generation due to its anti-inflammatory property and thus controls itching sensation accompanied with dandruff. Therefore, Neem oil is good for dandruff problems.

Using neem oil for dandruff?

Add neem oil with coconut oil and apply

directly to the scalp. Leave on for 2 hours and rinse with mild shampoo based on herbs or shikakai thoroughly. Apply at least twice a week.

Neem oil lice and nits:

Neem oil is a natural murderer of lice and nits. Neem has azadirachtin , an active ingredient, which works against the growth of insects and lice. It kills in a natural way. It works to inhibit the consumption pattern of lice to affect your appetite and zeroing.

Over time, lice starved. Neem oil has a strong odor, lice drives away even when moving in the vicinity.

Using neem oil for lice and nit removal?

Add neem oil with coconut oil and apply directly on the scalp. Leave on for 2 hours and rinse with shampoo based shikakai mild herbs thoroughly. Apply at least twice a week.

Regular application of neem oil with coconut oil can help lice and nits treatment, prevention and elimination.

Benefits of Neem oil for skin and face:

Some face and skin problems for which the neem oil is beneficial, they are listed below.

Benefits of Neem oil for anti-aging, skin aging and age spots:

Neem oil has anti excellent properties -aging. Antioxidants present in neem slows movement free radicals that cause the skin to age. Various vitamins and essential fatty acids are easily absorbed by the skin and provide food from inside.

Neem oil also improves skin elasticity preventing wrinkles and fine lines . Like any other oil that moisturizes the skin and daily use is recommended for the long-term effect.

Using neem oil for aging skin?

Check neem oil is free from other chemicals. If other compounds are present, make sure it is safe to apply on the skin, especially the face. Apply to the skin on the basis of concentration. If neem oil is too concentrated, mixed with equal parts of coconut oil or olive oil.

Benefits of Neem oil for eczema treatment:

Neem oil helps provide relief from eczema. Eczema is a medical condition where the skin blistering inflamed. This causes itching and sometimes even bleeding. It is an inherited disease and the severity varies from person to person.

Being a anti-inflammatory , neem oil penetrates the skin and reduces inflammation. The Vitamin E, along with fatty acids nourishes the skin and moisturizes it. Neem is also an analgesic (pain reliever) and its antibacterial property prevents infections.

Using neem oil to treat eczema?

Add a few drops of neem oil to warm bath water. Use neem oil free of chemicals and use it at the end of your bathroom. Neem oil is concentrated and applied directly is not recommended especially in people who have sensitive skin.

benefits of neem oil for acne | Pimples:

Neem oil is very good for acne-prone skin. It is one of the best natural medicine for the treatment of acne / pimple. The anti-bacterial and anti-microbial property of neem destroys harmful bacteria that cause acne. It maintains clear and moisturized. It reduces inflammation caused by acne and also clears acne scars it leaves behind.

Using neem oil for acne / pimples?

Apply the oil in acne every night before bed. Wash with a good soap neem. To clean the skin and prevent acne, apply oil to the entire face.

Benefits of Neem oil for skin pigmentation

Neem oil is to reduce pigmentation and improve skin tone. Melanin, a substance responsible for producing pigmentation is slower which gives a fairer skin tone. Also reduces pigmentation of scars and other wounds.

Using neem oil for skin pigmentation?

Apply the oil on the skin directly. Avoid if mixed with other chemicals and if it is very concentrated. Mix a few drops of neem oil bath.

Benefits of Neem oil for skin fungus:

Neem oil is good for treating skin fungus because it has anti-fungal properties. Neem oil can be used regularly by people who are likely to get fungal infection more skin to prevent skin fungus. It has anti-parasitic as well.

Benefits of Neem oil for pimples, blackheads and pores

Neem oil reduces pimples, blackheads and pores easily. As neem oil is easily absorbed by the skin, it kills bacteria and removes dirt. This makes smaller pores thus making the skin look clear. black and white points are both reduced.

Using neem oil for pimples, blackheads and pores?

Mix neem oil with orange juice and apply on face. Leave for 15 to 20 minutes face thoroughly washed. Repeat the same for a week for visible effects.

How do Neem oil at home hair?

Let’s see how to prepare neem oil in the country to healthy, nit free hair and glowing skin.

Preparation of neem oil can be a time consuming task, but considering the benefits that can be harvested for use, all efforts seem worthwhile.

  • to prepare neem oil, one has to collect clean and mature seeds of the neem tree. They should be dried in the sun to crushing becomes an easy process. This drying can be done in an electric dryer if there is no sunlight.
  • After drying, light tapping is sufficient to separate the neem seeds from their shells and clean the seeds to eliminate sub-standard quality. You can also buy separately, neem seeds good quality, skip these steps.
  • By using a food processor or chopper, these seeds must be crushed, not so much that oil oozes yet. A magic bullet grinder can crush the seeds in semi powder state.
  • The next step is to use a mixer with base metal, and grind, dust with a little water. For ten measures of ground seeds, a measure of water is sufficient to grind. After grinding, the mixture should be hard pressed to extract the oil.
  • In order to extract the oil completely, repeat the grinding and clenching procedure several times to obtain pure organic neem oil .
  • This oil can be stored in an airtight container and stored in cool, dry place. By using this oil, a little heating (not boiling) may be necessary.

Does not that sound interesting? Now you can make neem oil at home to obtain a pure neem oil, of course, with a little effort.

Where To Buy Neem oil?

Neem oil can be purchased at grocery stores and drug stores in the country.

Names of Neem in different Indian languages ​​

Neem in Tamil – Vembu, Veppai, Sengumaru

Malyalam – Ariyaveppu

Telugu – Vepa

Marathi – Kadunimba

Punjabi – Nimm

Sanskrit – Nimbaka, Pakvakrita, Arishta

English – Margosa, lilac Indian Neem

Bengali – Nim

Hindi – Neem

Kannada – Bevu

side effects of Neem oil:

Although topical application of neem oil has no side effects of fear, in making neem oil requires supervision of doctors. Neem oil poisoning is rare in adults and common in children. Side effects include vomiting, seizures, metabolic acidosis and toxic encephalopathy.

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