homemade curry leaves hair oil for hair loss and premature graying

homemade curry leaves hair oil for hair loss and premature graying ; I am sharing how to use curry leaves for hair and uses leaves curry for hair growth. Healthy hair is the result of the health care hair. hair oil plays a vital role in hair care. Hair will be stronger and brighter if you choose the right hair oil for your hair. Think about the health of your hair will be if oil homemade hair without chemicals and side effects also with the wealth of curry leaves is used. Find out how to make homemade curry leaves hair oil here.

Benefits curry homemade leaves hair oil:

promotes hair growth
stops graying premature
stops hair loss
strengthen hair
gives a black and shiny appearance
Casera curry leaves hair oil

Option 1 (Ancestral Method)


Curry – generous lot
coconut oil – 1/2 liter
cardamom powder – optional


1. Wash the leaves of curry.
2. grind in blender with a little water.
3. Filter and extract the juice.
4. Heat oil in a pan and add the juice.
5. Put on the stove over low heat and stir frequently until it begins to turn dark color (black waste begin to form) or bubbles begin to arrive. filtered oil and use. Black residues can also be applied to the hair, as it is also good.
6. Add cardamom powder if you like the fragrance.Add that from time to time.

Option 2 (very fast and simple method) :


Curry – Handful
coconut oil – 100 ml
cardamom powder – pinch (optional)


1. Take a handful of fresh curry leaves. Rinse well.

2. Allow to dry until no moisture left in the curry leaves.

3. ground in a blender and make a coarse powder.

4. Heat 100 ml coconut oil in a skillet over low heat.

5. Once the oil starts to become hot, add curry leaves and stir continuously. Add 1 cardamom if you want to get a good fragrance. Do not go anywhere out of the pan unattended since oil is extremely flammable. Once the curry leaves starts to turn to brown, immediately turn off the stove. By this time, the oil should also have resorted to golden brown. Allow the oil to cool.

6. Drain the oil using a filter and the homemade curry leaves hair oil is ready for use. Stored in an airtight glass bottle or container air.

Your curry leaves Healthy homemade hair oil is ready with the goodness of curry leaves.

Watch the video on how to make instant curry leaves hair oil to massage with fresh curry leaves. You can also follow the same way to make in large quantities

. Note: More videos in different ways to prepare the curry leaves are coming soon. Pay attention !!


The oil should not be heated too high. Flame should be slow or medium heat just based on the pan and cook you are using. High heat can make the oil rancid. You can also use double boiler to infuse oil with curry leaves if you have one. I’ll post how to infuse oils in the bath method soon if no bath.

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