Common skin infections during monsoons

Common skin infections during monsoons ;


In these hot and humid climates, monsoons can be very tedious for your skin! These climatic conditions that may predispose individuals to a multitude of skin infections, resulting in itching, discomfort and severe rash! Read on to learn about these skin conditions common monsoon celebrity dermatologist Dr. Kiran US Lohia, MD, has opened its flagship Lumière Dermatology Center in New Delhi.


Ringworm is very common, especially during these summer months. It usually starts as a small itchy rash circular can occur in any part of the body or scalp. And, it will spread if not treated! You get this to share items, clothing, or touching an infected person, or even swimming in a pool or from land infected person.
Fortunately, this condition can be easily treated with topical antifungals. So, go to your dermatologist to get your prescription so you can be in less than 2 weeks without ringworm! Also, be sure to keep the body dry. Showering twice a day, wear cotton clothes absorb excess moisture, and consider using powder to absorb excess sweat.


Scabies is an extremely itchy and contagious disease that is caused by tiny parasitic mites that attach to the skin. groin and areas between the fingers is characterized by itching and red bumps on the body, inside wrists. This disease is transmitted by contact with another person or by sharing clothing or towels or sheets with them. In fact, it is so contagious that if a person has, the level of care is to treat the whole family!
Fortunately, this disease is treatable. You should go to a dermatologist who will prescribe a special cream for you and those who live with you. He or she will also have to wash all items of clothing, towels and bedding in hot water and then soak out. After the cream, you should wear new clothes to prevent scabies mites you re-infect again.

Athlete’s Foot

This unfortunate situation is smelly and uncomfortable time. Caused by a fungus, this infection causes a red scaly rash, wet and itchy starting between the toes color and grows to cover the entire foot. Since this fungus thrives in sweaty conditions, the summer monsoon is an ideal time to grow! It is contagious and often spread by walking barefoot in gyms or outside on the ground.
To treat this condition, you need to do the following. First, ventilate the foot. Remove sweaty socks immediately after they become sweaty and dry your feet. Try to use open sandals soles do not get wet. And, apply an antifungal cream or powder morning and evening to the area to eradicate the infection.
Fortunately, these common conditions related to the monsoons are easily treatable! So get your dermatologist to keep your skin fresh and clean!

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