3-Year-Old Steals The Internet’s Heart With Song For Dad

T here are some children who are seriously too cute to handle, and Claire is one of they. She is only three years old, but already shows such musical prowess -. And I do not even mean his enthusiasm when it comes to hamming it up for the camera


Claire is a talented music producer and a home studio all set and ready to record. Therefore, when he was asked if Claire would like to record a performance with the song of their choice, which was more than for the task. Claire asked to record their own rousing version of the classic “part of their world” Disney from The Little Mermaid (which, according to Dad, is your pre favorite frozen song was) . It seems to take after him because she gets behind the microphone as a true professional.

also it fills the video with more natural strokes behind the scenes of the recording process and editing – Claire riding on his shoulders, curl up on the sofa, and, of course, dressed in her pajamas Ariel. It’s no wonder this video has gone viral super in just a few days, with almost half a million hits up!

Claire has a taste for singing and love Disney princesses. I hope to see more of this little cutie pie soon! Watch out, Hollywood … your fans are waiting :)

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Source: http://hellogiggles.com/

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