Home Remedies for Intestinal Worms

Home Remedies for Intestinal Worms ;

Intestinal parasites, also called helminths, are a type of intestinal parasites, which can live throughout the body, especially the intestinal and lead to infection in the gastro-intestinal humans and other animals wall. There are three main types of intestinal worms: tapeworms, hookworms and flukes. These harmful creatures not only inhibit the absorption of nutrients, but also lay their eggs in the body, causing dangerous infections.

Causes of Intestinal Worms

Commonly, the condition of intestinal worms is caused by contact with skin and digestion through unclean food or uncooked, water or contaminated soil. Specifically, parasitic worms might not present in meat or any food, but tend to lay their eggs there, the worms develop later. In addition, people, especially children can also easily get the disease through infected soil or water after contact.

Symptoms of Intestinal Worms

Here are some visible signs and symptoms that may have intestinal worms.

to treat this condition, you can use many types of medications to address the mild conditions and surgery for severe cases. However, these treatments often cost a lot of money and can come with side effects. Meanwhile, there are other natural ingredients that are used not only to prevent but also treat intestinal worms at low cost and without advanced effects.

Let’s explore what ingredients can be used in home remedies for intestinal worms.

1. Garlic

Garlic - Home Remedies for Intestinal Worms

The presence of garlic in various resources makes people wonder if you really have incredible power. No need to doubt the health benefits that garlic can bring to humanity since its capacity has been proven over time and in many studies and research. In this case, the sulfur compounds are garlic played the key role in the treatment of intestinal worms. The best way to make use of garlic is having oil by cutting or grinding teeth of garlic.

For your information, the most popular use of garlic is for the treatment of oral candidiasis. You can find more information about how to apply to the condition of the home remedies for thrush.

2. Carrots

Carrots - Home Remedies for Intestinal Worms

Being rich in vitamins, minerals and other valuables, carrots are a threat to eggs intestinal worms. Specifically, vitamin A, vitamin C and beta-carotene in carrots actively acts to remove the worm eggs, while improving immunity to fight infections.

3. Coconut

Coconut - Home Remedies for Intestinal Worms

Regular consumption of canned coconut juice has a great impact on levels of antioxidants and nutrients within the body, which increases the possibility of successfully remove eggs and even intestinal worms. This is known as one of the most common and effective remedies for the conditions.

4. Papaya

Papayas - Home Remedies for Intestinal Worms

Like neem, papaya has the ability to kill and remove parasites and worms stomach. At the same time, you can detoxify the body, preventing the toxins leaving lack of dead parasite in the digestive system. Papain enzyme is believed to be the key to this mechanism, together with other organic components in papaya.

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