How to use aromatherapy during vacation

How To Use Aromatherapy During The Holidays
The holidays, though a great time to be in touch with family and friends can often be stressful. Also, eating a diet rich foods can alter our digestive system. Fortunately, there is a natural therapy on hand to help! Aromatherapy can be used in a variety of ways during the holidays which in turn leads to a happier and healthier life for the New Year. Here are some ways (and smells) to help you through the holiday season.

aromatherapy candles, diffusers for the holidays

Perhaps one of the ways in which seasonal use aromatherapy is either an aromatherapy candle or an aromatherapy diffuser. Inhalation is one of the fastest ways aromatherapy enters our bodies – and is also one of the most effective ways to cope with emotional problems such as stress (source: Aromatherapy for Health Professionals, Shirley Price, Len Price) . Just make sure you choose an aromatherapy candle that is made with essential oils (fragrance oils not because they do not have therapeutic properties) or add a few drops of an essential oil to an aromatherapy diffuser.

aromatherapy bath oils for the holidays

Shopping, eating and visiting family and friends can take its toll on our stress levels during the holidays. One of the best ways to relax and unwind after a busy day is to take an aromatherapy bath. Add one or two drops of essential oil to bath water, use a bubble bath or use aromatherapy bath salts (such as Epsom salts or Himalayan) to have therapeutic properties. This will help not only to relax but will reduce tiredness, muscle pain as well, depending on the type of essential oil you choose.

aromatherapy for digestive problems

Sometimes we eat just a little too much of the good things during the holidays that can lead to stomach disorders or mild digestive disorders. If you do not overindulge in rich foods too, have a bottle of oil massage with appropriate essential oils (see below) on hand to massage on your stomach, if you experience a stomachache.

aromatherapy emergency kit for the holidays

essential oils have different therapeutic properties, so you need to choose the right oil for your problem. Here is a list of essential oils for aromatherapy I recommend emergency equipment rental:


  • citrus such as lemon, orange and tangerine for digestive complaints
  • essential oil of ginger for digestive complaints and nausea
  • ylang ylang, lavender and rose to stress.

(Source: The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Essential Oils, Julia Lawless)

The above essential oils are just a few suggestions for holiday complaints; It can also replace other oils.

essences of traditional aromatherapy for the holidays

If you are trying to create a party atmosphere for your party or meeting, you may want to use some of the more traditional aromas associated with the season vacation. The following are common odors flavorings for use at this time of year, but you can also use other scents, either to create a smooth or home stimulating atmosphere:

  • cinnamon
  • myrrh
  • incense
  • orange
  • sandalwood
  • pine
  • cypress.

use these scent in an aromatherapy diffuser or as an aromatherapy candle, for the best effects.

Precautions for use aromatherapy during the holidays

Essential oils are a therapeutic way to improve the holidays. However, make sure you add a couple of drops of an essential oil diffuser (as in the water to prevent burning oil). Never apply essential oils directly on the skin; using a vehicle such as a massage oil, lotion or water. If you are unsure about how to use essential oils safely and effectively for the holidays, consult a qualified and experienced aromatherapist for advice. Happy Holidays!

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