Seasonal affective disorder (SAD)

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Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) Natural Treatment seasonal affective disorder, SAD for short, is no stranger to the months of January to March. When the sun is exchanged with the moon long before the temperature drops and unbearable lows, sometimes it takes everything in our might not curl in the covers and not free ourselves from the tangle of leaves until spring.

SAD, a common form of depression during the colder months, is known to be the cause of these feelings of sadness slow, lack of energy, mood swings and weight gain. The lack of sufficient sunlight can certainly take its toll on our bodies and our health, but does not have to remain so. We do not need to surrender to April as our friend Whistler.

Fortunately, SAD is something we can work to protect a natural and healthy way. So let’s start beating the blues to the right of our system.

1) Eat with the season, not the mood

The winter months have a tendency to make us carbohydrate stocks as if we were leaving for hibernation. Though we may be craving the comfort foods, filled with carbohydrates will not make our mood better or we pull the bed faster. In fact, they will do just the opposite.

Continue with protein-rich foods that turn to during the summer months and protect those impulses sugar. Harnessing the cold weather and try new recipes, maybe a vegetable stew? Maintaining a diet rich in protein and full of nutrients throughout the year will keep moving forward and feeling good throughout the winter and help keep the DUA to get the best of you.

2) out of the house!

I’ll be the first to admit that spend some time outside by choice during these months frost is not on my to-do list. However, it should be, especially if we start winning some energy to get us through the day.

Whenever possible, make a point to go outside, take a walk, or just sit in the sunlight for ten to twenty minutes. The extra addition of sunshine to your day may not seem like it could make a significant difference, but even that small amount only make you feel happier and healthier and stay strong until spring.

3) Do not give up the fitness routine

I am firm believer that breaking a sweat is the best way to beat the blues cells winter our shoulders. It is easier to tie his sneakers and leave trails during June or July, but only because it’s cold outside is no reason to skip out on the cardiovascular and strength training. Exercise has been shown to increase the mood of a person and is a great way to decrease feelings of SAD.

set some new fitness goals, try a new DVD, take your workout routine box to shake things up and keep on up for beach time, it will be here before we know it .

4) Pull back the curtains

Whether the house or the office, which is a priority for the sun to shine as much as possible. Additional exposure to sunlight is a stimulant of humor.

5) Remove the covers

When it comes to matters of sleep may seem like second nature to press the snooze button and sleep for a little longer but it is advisable to stay within your regular sleeping schedule, no matter how tempting it might be to stay curled up in bed. Hibernation is for bears, not for humans.

One way to avoid SAD is not to let the winter weather and cold mornings dictate your sleep habits. Keep getting up and doing physical activity as the only option.

6) Add some light to your life

Often, a common treatment for SAD, using a light box can be effective and one of the best ways to beat the winter blues. Light boxes offer ten times the light of a lamp living room and one is able to go about a daily routine, even while using the light box. The additional exposure to light will cause the chemicals in the brain to increase your mood. It is recommended for most people to use the light box for 30 minutes each day. However, you should consult a physician before using this device treatment.

7) supplement

Vitamin D and other natural supplements mood stimulation may be just what you need to keep energy and feel good during these longer days. The sun sets earlier and they are likely to let drain energy out of us, but the addition of a supplement like Vitamin D can improve our mood and keep us high forehead until spring rolls through the front of the calendar. Check out your local health food store to see what supplements might work best for you.

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